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Posted on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 15:21

Megalomania breeds Terrorism

File photo©ReutersThe terrorist does not have time for peace. The civilian's sleep keeps him awake at night constantly plotting a deadly attack on an innocent gathering.

To the violent minded chaos is fair and restores equity, so the ability to unleash fear through anarchy is indeed consistent with the Divine status quo. The Jihadist is no messiah, he is neither a crusader, just a megalomaniac who takes delight in watching the world burn.

Naturally, as long as there is life on this planet, there will always be a will for power

The credo of death operators is the reality that the daily walker has to live with these days.

Megalomania incidentally is the reason why another foolhardy tyrant somewhere in North Korea would rather starve his own people and build weapons of mass destruction instead of feeding them and making peace with the rest of us. The Hague wisely treats him like a war criminal now which is clearly in order because during these bad times he is the worst.

The frenetic antics surrounding the Presidential primaries in America are predicated on some form of megalomania too. The political terrain in that country has been muddied, some will say, by one candidate's Machiavellian appetite for power which could ultimately undo the merits of a democratic scheme that has served the world's richest country for ages.

Naturally, as long as there is life on this planet, there will always be a will for power, but the tragedy characterizing the post-modern quest for dominion lies in the unfortunate human desire to subjugate his own kind.

The way forward may lie in the edification of today's Leviathan, the purification of authority and power so that we dominate not to enslave and misbehave but to elevate and cultivate a global atmosphere of peace and harmony.

William Manful

William Manful

William Manful is a human rights advocate committed to the democratization of Africa. He has worked as a contributing columnist for afrik- and talkafrique. He holds degrees in french and spanish as well as international relations from the University of Cambridge. Mr manful also writes on philosophy, sports and cinema. He is currently working for the Government of Ghana.


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