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Posted on Monday, 11 March 2013 15:12

Samsung to unveil Galaxy SIV in New York

By Lawrence Quartey

Samsung will on announce details about its Galaxy S IV smart phone ending months of speculation surrounding the gadget.

Samsung Mobile chief JK Shin revealed at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the Galaxy S III's successor will be shown off for the first time at an event in New York City.


Details about the phone are not yet known but leaked specifications say it is coming with a unique feature that will utilizse eye-tracking technology enabling users to scroll through webpages without touching the screen.   

This week also marks, the South Korean technology giant's 4th Africa Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, where Samsung will share its products, philosophy and processes with its stakeholders.

The event will also showcase the latest innovations across all of the company's product categories including audio visual and home appliances, mobile phones, digital cameras and IT solutions.

Samsung is expected to also announce its key milestones in its footprint across Africa as well as its strategy for Africa in 2013 and beyond. 

The strategy behind the forum is geared to allow business partners and associates, media and government as well as consumers to experience the brand.

Samsung will also share its 'Built for Africa' visionary pillar – one that has its focus on introducing premium products designed and built with a unique understanding of the continent and the African lifestyle at its core.

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