Banking: Norway says top bank DNB must explain Seychelles policy

Norway's biggest bank DNB must provide a written explanation of its policy of helping clients set up offshore companies in the Seychelles, the Norwegian industry minister said in a statement on Monday.

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Climate Change: African projects win Norwegian CO2 credit tender

The Norwegian government has selected four African projects in its latest tender to buy carbon credits to meet its emission targets, it said, paying several times the current market rate.

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Egypt to get floating LNG terminal from Norway's BW Gas

File photo©ReutersNorway-based BW Gas will provide Egypt with a liquefied natural gas (LNG) floating import terminal under a five-year contract.

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East African boom on its way

Photo©Billy K. Mutai/Nation Media GroupThe International Energy Agency predicts that by 2040 sub-Saharan Africa will be producing more natural gas than Russia, with much of it coming from Tanzania and Mozambique.

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Government alarmed as more Ghanaians ditch nationality

File Photo©ReutersThe high cost of living in Ghana forced 817 people mostly women to relocate to other countries after renouncing their citizenship in 2013, the government said on Monday.

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Egypt reaches deal with Norway's Hoegh on LNG import terminal

Photo©ReutersEgypt has signed a deal with Norway's Hoegh to supply a floating terminal needed to import liquefied natural gas, the oil ministry said on Monday, marking a step toward securing badly needed gas for power generation and industry.

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South Sudan: US, UK, Norway threaten sanctions

United States, Norway and the United Kingdom have threatened to impose sanctions on both the South Sudanese government and rebels fighting to topple it if ongoing peace talks stall.

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Norway's $840 bn oil fund buys African stocks and US, UK debt

Norway's $840 billion sovereign wealth fund sharply increased its exposure to government debt in the world's most advanced economies in the fourth quarter and also raised its African equity holdings, it said on Friday.

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Uganda to pull out of South Sudan gradually

Uganda says it sent troops to South Sudan after after an invitation from the ruling government of Salva Kiir. File Photo©ReutersUganda says it will consider a gradual pull out of troops from South Sudan after the United States, Norway and Ethiopia publicly requested the East African country withdraw its soldiers.

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African Development Bank, AfDB shines a new light on capital flight

See Full Map BelowIn step with new transparency laws in Europe and the US, the AfDB cites three ways to stop the disappearing act.

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Climate funds - First Come, Least Served

As the debate on climate change continues, the impacts of pollution on vulnerable continents, have been brought to the fore. The most pressing case is Africa, a continent located on the frontline of climate devastation.

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Towards an oil blessing or curse

Photo©Reuters‪While the discovery of oil in some African countries may hold the key out of poverty, the opposite cannot be overlooked. "If you find yourself at the crossroads, it's your determination that can lead you to the case of Botswana or Ghana and not other worse oil scenarios in the world" says Professor Paul Collier, director of the International Growth Centre.‬

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MPs want public fund thief tried by ICC

Ugandan legislators have called for a motion that could see senior civil servants from the Prime Minister's office, who are accused of misappropriating donor funds, being tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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Uganda gets tough on corruption

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wants the anti-graft law to be passed without resistanceUganda has endorsed an anti-graft bill with stiff penalties for those found guilty of misappropriating public funds, as the country steps up its war against corruption.

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