5 stories that made us laugh in 2013

From the irreverent to gallows humour, the year that was has thrown up its fair share of irony, excess and hilarity. Here are some choice cuts satirised by our cartoonist Glez.

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The new African question

When Denzel Washington recited these words with the gusto and the bravura of a master thespian in the movie Great Debaters one felt the conviction and triumphant spirit inherent in Langston Hughes's rhapsody which is nothing more than a definition of oneself to the world at a time when the author and his kind were viewed as an inferior sub population not deserving of that coveted American dream.

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Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete: Beyond Obama's visit

U.S. President Barack Obama and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete (2nd L) are pictured at an official arrival ceremony for Obama at Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, July 1, 2013. Also pictured is U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (2nd R) and Kikwete's wife Salma Kikwete/Photo©ReutersMaintaining strong ties with the US and China, Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete faces economic and political choices before he steps down in 2015.

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Obama on equality and industrialisation in Africa

US President, Barack Obama/Photo®ReutersAfter calling for an end to the discrimination of homosexuals in Africa while in Senegal, championing liberation icon Nelson Mandela's model of leadership during a visit to South Africa, and unveiling a $15 billion "Power Africa" project, United States President Barack Obama will seal his legacy in Africa with efforts to ensure more private American investment in the continent while in Tanzania.

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Racism: Obama's Conundrum

The controversy raging across America over the Satan character in cable television's miniseries The Bible bearing a haunting likeness to President Barack Obama is yet another flashpoint in America's persistent roil with racism that is rooted in serious, unresolved issues arising from slavery.

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2012, A good year for African films

2012 proved to be a good year for African cinema, despite fears of reduced funding opportunities and the usual problems with distribution.

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World's most expensive election campaign on trial as US voters hit the polls

Photo©ReutersA fierce US presidential campaign in battleground states has come to a close after presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, on Monday wound up their campaign rallies.

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Elections at the End of the World

Crises of all kinds are converging on every continent – ecological, social, economic, political, military...

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