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Posted on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 11:17

African Union adopts Director General of UNESCO candidature

The 20th Summit of the African Union unanimously adopted the candidature of Mr. Rachad Farah, Ambassador of Djibouti to France, to the post of Director General of UNESCO. Elections will take place in October 2013.


The candidature of Mr. Rachad Farah was proposed by Uganda, in the name of IGAD during the 22nd session of the Executive Board.

The Summit called for a mobilization of all countries of the Continent in order to strengthen and reinforce the campaign of Mr. Rachad Farah.

This mobilization has to come under the determination of African States to head international institution and to be in phase with the slogan of the Summit - Panafricanism and the Renaissance of the Continent.

The Government of the Republic of Djibouti warmly thanks all its pairs who gave strong, massive and unanimous support to its candidate who is today the candidate of Africa to the post of Director General of UNESCO.

In the present international context of global challenges, we measure the impact and the expectations of seeing an African lead an International Organization; an African who could contribute with Education, Culture and Science in the fight against Ignorance, Poverty and participating in restoring Durable Peace.

In addition to the support of Member States of the AU, Rachad Farah already has the support of the Organization of the Islamic Conference after the 39th session of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs' Council of the organization, which took place in November 2012 in Djibouti.

Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Mr Rachad Farah was a diplomat between 1977 and 1989 in several Asian countries, especially Japan, India and China as well as in countries of ASEAN from 1989 till 2004.

Mr. Rachad Farah was also elected Vice-President of the African Group of the Executive Board of UNESCO. He actively contributed to the creation, with UNESCO, of the first Think Tank in Eastern Africa, which will have its headquarters in Djibouti.

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