Somalia: Regaining territory from Al-Shabab

President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Photo©Reuters Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has decided to expand the reach of his administration in the war torn country through military force.

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Somalia needs more weapons - President

 Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud believes the country's national army needs improved equipment and training. Photo©ReutersThe Somalian army needs more time and better equipment to battle al-Shabab insurgents, the war-torn nation's president has said.

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Puntland governance system sparks hope for Somalia

(Right) Former Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has emerged as Puntland's president-elect. (Left)  Somali president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. Photo©ReutersSomalia's central government and foreign governments advocating for a free federal political system in Somalia have held Puntland up as a possible model, after the autonomous nation oversaw free and fair elections this week.

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Somalia-Kenya: Conflict over port and buffer state

Photo©FEISAL OMAR/REUTERSBeaming with confidence after a string of international conferences pledged to back his government, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has to grapple with a new set of security and diplomatic problems.

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Oil exploration in Ethiopia: "Encouraging results"

Photo©ReutersTullow Oil, a United Kingdom-based firm that has been conducting successful oil explorations in Kenya and Uganda says it is hopeful it will discover oil in Ethiopia.

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Somalia's long road of institution building

The new intake of Somali parliamentarians at prayer/AFP PHOTO/AU-UN IST/STUART PRICEA new transitional government is replacing the Transitional Federal Government, but opponents claim that the same actors have monopolised the process and continue to prevent the establishment of effective institutions.

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