Raila Odinga

Kenya's hate-speech test

Curio (right) and Odinga (left) at the ‘hate speech lunch’. Photo©All Rights ReservedMP's incendiary statements have put Kenya's new laws in the dock as the threat of a repeat of the electoral violence that followed the contested 2007 presidential polls looms.

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Kenya's broken bromance

William Ruto (right) and Uhuru Kenyatta have a good line in camaraderie for the cameras. Photo©Ben Curtis/ AP/SIPAThere are signs that the unlikely alliance formed between Kenyatta and Ruto in 2013 may not last far beyond presidential elections in 2017.

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Kenya Country Profile 2015: That engine just keeps rolling

altBuoyed by the confidence of local and international investors, Kenya's economy looks sufficiently stable to survive the damage done by a sharp drop in income from tourism after a spate of terrorist attacks – and it should remain strong enough to shrug off rising inflationary pressures going into 2015.

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People to watch: Rebels, oppositionists and money-makers

Photos© Billy K. Mutai/Nation Media GroupPhotos© Salaton Njau/Nation Media GroupPhotos© Suleiman Mbatiah/Nation Media GroupIn Kenya's fractious politics, leaders across the spectrum are having difficulty keeping all of their allies in line

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Kenya's shrinking the airwaves

Kenya's opposition MPs contest media restrictions in the new security law. Photo©Ben Curtis/AP/SIPAThe Kenyatta government is bullying tV stations and helping its own media allies.

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Lesotho's coalitions of instability

in lesotho, peaceful elections led to no outright majority. Photo©AP/SIPAPremier Mosisili has a new government, but urgent reforms are needed.

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Lobbying in Africa: Nightmare on K street

In November, a small army of earnest-looking Americans and Britons clutching an array of mobile phones and tablets will invade Abuja, Nigeria's capital. They are the rockstars of political spin, and they will earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services over the next few months.

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Technology: Kenya's Konza will create jobs for East Africa

Catherine Adeya Acting CEO, Konza Technopolis Development Authority, Kenya. Photo©Diana Ngila/Nation Media GroupStill in the planning, Konza Technology City holds the promise of a silicon Valley for East Africa. The Africa Report talked to Dr Catherine Adeya, the woman at the tiller as it sets sail.

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Education is Kenya's key achievement - Raila Amolo Odinga

Raila Amolo Odinga Leader, Orange Democratic Movement and former prime minister. Photo©NOOR KHAMIS/REUTERSThe former prime minister and leader of Orange Democratic Movement reflects on the past 50 years of Kenya's development and talks to The Africa Report about current affairs and the country's future.

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Kenya: Big questions remain unanswered on Westgate massacre

Sources say they warned the National Intelligence Service that an attack was probable. Photo©ReutersKenyans want to know about failures that allowed terrorists to kill more than 60 people in the attack.

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Kenya's devolution revolution

Behind its	lush parks and skyscrapers Nairobi is two-thirds slum. The governor now has $20bn to change that/Photo©Nigel Pavitt/Jai/CorbisThe constitution approved in 2010 created 47 new counties that elected officials at the 4 March national elections. The county governments will have to provide services, but the earning potential from wooing investors will in some cases be life-changing.

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What if Kenya's election violence points to corrupt pollsters?

File photo©ReutersAt camp Chechelesi on the outskirts of Isiolo town, a young female crouched on the bare floor, mourning her unborn baby. The woman, a refugee, lost her baby six months to term.

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Kenya's President Kenyatta takes charge

President Uhuru Kenyatta at the 16 April opening of parliament/Photo©ReutersHaving taken office on 9 April, the new president has compromises to make. The deep political differences, so evident in the elections in March, were well hidden when President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered his maiden speech to parliament on 16 April.

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Anansi - High-tech elections meet hard-headed stockbrokers

Photo©ReutersOne of the few incontrovertible facts about Africa's elections is that stock markets tend to ignore political disputes.

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The thing about Kenya and Ghana

Kenya and Ghana are at antipodal continental lengths, but they have shared a similar electoral tale.

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Kenya elections: Kenyatta's razor thin victory raises fresh questions as Odinga heads for the Supreme Court

With the announcement that Uhuru Kenyatta has won Kenya's presidency with 50.07 percent of the votes cast over Raila Odinga with 43.3 percent, the first act of the election drama is over. But the second act – a succession of courtroom battles challenging the legitmacy of the result and the competence of the electoral authorities – started immediately and will run for at least another three weeks.

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Kenya: Peace in our time

With a million votes left and a few more constituencies yet to report and hours to go before the announcement of the final presidential vote tally, a new race for the control of the electoral process had begun.

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Kenya: The election beyond belief

In the orange corner, Raila Odinga; in the red corner Uhuru Kenyatta; both chose Uhuru Park to launch their campaigns/Photo©KHALIL SENOSI/AP/SIPAWith memories of 2007's post-election violence still fresh, Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta face off in 4 March elections. Should there be a second round, Kenyans could go to the polls while running mates and former rivals Kenyatta and William Ruto undergo trial at The Hague.

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Kenya's presidential candidates and the ICC

Uhuru Kenyatta (L) and William Ruto ® say they will negotiate ICC dates so that they can run the country on a rotational basis/Photo©ReutersKenya's two main presidential candidates, Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta say they will co-operate with the ICC. Odinga has been accused of flip-flopping on the ICC question. Kenyatta, on the other hand, could risk a weakened presidency if indicted by the ICC as a sitting president.

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Kenya's elections: What are the candidates saying - or not - about land?


Kenyans on disputed land at the Mau forest in a makeshift village/Photo©Reuters The issue of land has proved contentious in the run-up to Kenya's presidential election. But what are the politicians saying or avoiding?

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