Business news feedMali ups 2013 spending by nearly 40 pct as donors restore aid


Posted on Sunday, 12 May 2013 08:59

Mali ups 2013 spending by nearly 40 pct as donors restore aid

May 12, 2013, 11:00 am

BAMAKO (Reuters) - Mali's government has increased its 2013 spending plans by nearly 40 percent after donors restored aid that had been suspended following last year's coup, the West African state's finance minister said on Saturday.The finalised budget, adopted by parliament late on Friday, forecasts some 1.465 trillion CFA francs in spending and receipts for the year at 1.433 trillion CFA francs, up 42 percent on the budget initially proposed.The announcement comes after the country unveiled a separate 4.34 billion euro plan aimed at rebuilding the nation and preventing a resurgence of al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels who occupied the north for most of last year.Announcing the revised budget on state media on Saturday, Finance Minister Tiena Coulibaly said the funds would be used for large infrastructure projects and rebuilding schools and health centres in both the north and the south of the country.Donors cut aid after a coup in March 2012 ousted Mali's president just before he was due to step down ahead of elections.A mix of separatist and Islamist rebels then took advantage of the chaos within the army to seize the desert north, which they occupied until a French-led assault in January forced them to scatter into the mountains and the desert.Malian state authorities are gradually returning to the north but a wave of suicide attacks on Friday highlighted the lingering threat of a guerrilla war.The southern-based cotton and gold sectors have largely escaped the northern crisis unscathed.

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