Samsung leads the African investment charge

Hyundai’s construction wing is expanding the Azito power plant. Photo©KAMBOU SIA/AFPKorean firms Samsung and Hyundai are the standard bearers in the country's trade thrust in Africa, while its debt-ridden state-owned companies cut back on investment.

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Samsung expects squeeze in African growth

Samsung Electronics expects its recent stellar revenue growth in Africa to slow sharply this year as the continent begins to succumb to the delayed effects of global economic weakness.

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Ghana: Japan and Samsung Electronics join West Africa's ebola fight

Photos@EbolareutersJapan and Samsung Electronics have donated protective gear and gadgets to Ghana to help prevent Ebola in the West African country.

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Ericsson bets on 3G in fast-growing Africa telecoms

The world's top mobile infrastructure supplier Ericsson is betting that the fast-growing African mobile broadband market will remain dominated by 3G services over the next years as the newest 4G smartphones remain too expensive for local consumers.

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Telecoms: Is Apple's iPhone 5c worth it?

60.95m smartphones in Africa by end 2013, according to Informa, making up 51% of continent's phones With a clutch of top-end smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry targeting Africa, Apple's iPhone has a lot of catching up to do.

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Telecoms: African demand for smartphones has tripled in a year - Ferreira

George Ferreira Vice-president and chief operating officer, Samsung Electronics AfricaSamsung Electronics is preparing to beat its $10bn target for revenue from Africa in 2015. And according to George Ferreira - Vice-president and chief operating officer of Samsung Africa - the company is also looking at the possibility of setting up more assembly plants to avoid tariff barriers.

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Affordable smartphones for the African market

New mobile operating systems = smartphones for less. We compare handsets for under $100.

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Samsung launches its S4 in Africa

altThe Samsung African tour promised glitz, glamour and new technology and that is exactly what was delivered to the hundreds of people attending the launch of the much anticipated new Galaxy S4 in Johannesburg on Thursday night.

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Samsung to unveil Galaxy SIV in New York

Samsung will on announce details about its Galaxy S IV smart phone ending months of speculation surrounding the gadget.

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