Sierra Leone

Cote d'Ivoire to begin construction of two power plants by 2017, supply Guinea and Sierra Leone

Photo©Charlie Riedel/AP/SIPAIvory Coast will start building a gas-fired power station near its commercial capital Abidjan later this year with work on a second plant due to start by 2017 at the latest, a government official said on Thursday.

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Education: Leaking with foreknowledge, and awards

Ghana's President Mahama named AARE ATOLASE of the Offa Kingdom, Kwara State, NigeriaThe West African Examinations Council (WAEC), insists on titillation, essentially licking its exposed and hairy navel in public. The 2016 exam and in some instances, the answers for three of the four core exams: Oral English; Integrated Science; and Social Studies, were broadcast via a social media chat group.

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Electricity: Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire's cooperation to fight crises

Akosombo Dam on Lake Volta, Ghana. Côte d’Ivoire has been exporting power to its neighbor. Photo©Alessandro DacostaJoint projects could help boost regional interconnectivity and allow Ghana to meet production shortfalls until its new projects come on line.

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Growth: After the crash, the fightback

Image©Francesca Capellini for TARSierra Leone, which earns 85% of its foreign exchange from mineral exports, has been devastated; economies as big as South Africa's and Nigeria's are also struggling. Now, leaders and activists are trying more nationalist tactics against the resource curse.

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Mining: Africa gold producers wary despite price rebound

Photo©ReutersA steep rise in gold prices may have given hope to a battered mining industry in 2016, but after four tough years producers in Africa are still too wary to call the bad times over.

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Sierra Leone economy to grow by 4.3 percent in 2016

Sierra Leone's economy is expected to grow by 4.3 percent this year because of a pick-up in mining and other sectors following the end of the Ebola epidemic, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

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Mining: End of the supercycle

Photo©Charles O’rear/COrbisMany commodity prices have dropped since 2014 and companies are scrambling to deal with the aftermath and plot a path to long-term growth in African mining projects.

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Agribusiness: Tanzania waits for sweet salvation

Photo©Noor KhamisThe government's partnership with Swedish company EcoEnergy was touted as a flagship for foreign investment. NGOs say it is a land grab. Caught in the middle for the past four years are the farmers due compensation.

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South Africa-Nigeria security: guns, sadza and plantain

Photos© All rights reservedOf all the grand plans minted by Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasanjo during the golden years of the South Africa-Nigeria partnership, military cooperation has seen the least progress. On conflict resolution, the two sides rarely pull their weight together. They often divide their labour or differ fundamentally on strategy.

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Arts and culture, an alternative to grow African economies

A woman poses in Brett Bailey's art installation Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) governments have been urged to shift their focus from timber, cocoa and minerals exports, and introduce relevant polices and funding into arts and culture to rapidly expand their economies.

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Battling the bottom feeders

European, South Korean and Russian fishing vessels have been pillaging West African fish stocks for decades.

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Manufacturing: Dangote's ever-widening network of African production

Photo©ReutersCatching older European rivals like lafarge and Heidelberg Cement on the hop – both are now desperately scrambling to invest in african production – Dangote Cement has the continent in its sights.

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Telecoms: Bharti Airtel has no plans to exit Africa

Bharti Airtel Ltd, the biggest Indian cellphone carrier, has no plans to exit Africa, it said on Tuesday, despite announcing exclusive talks with France's Orange to sell four of its units on the continent.

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Health: Test shows new Liberian Ebola case similar to earlier virus

Photo©ReutersTests on the Ebola virus that claimed Liberia's first victim since it was declared Ebola-free in May showed it was closely related to an earlier Liberian strain, the World Health Organization and a health official said on Friday.

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A Marshall plan for healthcare post-Ebola

Photo©ReutersBillions of dollars are required to save depleted healthcare systems in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Ebola's most affected countries, as they lobby for funding for hospital infrastructure.

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Electricity: West Africa plans regional power market to bridge electricity gap

West Africa's regional body will pool its resources to establish an electricity market to end the blackouts that have blighted its 15 member states for decades.

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AfDB banks on the future

As the AfdB flag is raised over Abidjan outgoing president Kaberuka (centre) wonders who will continue his legacy. Photo©SIA KAMBOU/AFPThe African Development Bank (AfDB) will choose its new leader to replace Donald Kaberuka in May. The Africa Report profiles the candidates who want to take the continental institution on paths of continuity or change.

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Bleak outlook for West Africa's iron ore dreams

A 60 percent slump in iron ore prices over the past year, amid a slowdown in Chinese consumption, has brought a bonanza that had been expected to last 60 years to a screeching halt.

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Politics in the Ebola crucible

 Survivor Beatrice Yardolo meets the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Photo©Francis KokorokoIt is tempting to look at the photo of Beatrice Yardolo, Liberia's last known Ebola patient, and imagine that this crisis is nearly over.

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Ebola-stricken countries seek $6 bn in aid and debts cancellation

President Ernest Bai Koroma. Photo©ReutersThe Ebola-stricken nations of West Africa are asking international donors to cancel their debts and give them $5-6 billion over two years to rebuild their economies, devastated by the deadly disease, Sierra Leone's president said on Thursday.

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