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Posted on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 16:42

Italian tourist jailed in Zimbabwe for stealing

A 25 year-old Italian tourist will spend the next two years in a Zimbabwean jail after he was convicted of stealing communication devices worth $20 000 from an American counterpart.

Map of Zimbabwe

The Italian, Galli Andrea, snatched a bag belonging to Kerry Krotinger, a resident of Dallas, at a lodge in Victoria Falls, the country's main tourist destination.

Magistrate Richard Ramaboea on Monday said Andrea's actions tarnished Zimbabwe's image as a safe tourist destination.

Andrea, who gave his address as 123 Castiglione Del, Lago, Italy pleaded guilty to contravening Section 113 of the Criminal Law Act.

In passing the judgement, the magistrate said he would hand down a harsh jail term to people who stole from tourists in order to deter such crimes in future.

Andrea did not appeal the sentence.

The state proved that on 25 September, while in the company of three accomplices who are still on the run, Andrea snatched a bag, which contained a laptop, satellite phone and other communication devices, from the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

He then fled, but was apprehended after the lodge management reviewed Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) mounted at the lodge's entrance.

All valuables have since been recovered.

Police in the resort town say though theft from tourists was prevalent it was rare for foreigners, especially Europeans, to steal from other tourists.

In the past decade, Zimbabwe has witnessed a slump in tourist arrivals, as the it was deemed unsafe and the country is desperate to get visitors back, as tourism was formerly one of the country's cash cows.

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