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Posted on Wednesday, 02 January 2013 18:27

Patrick Vieira's football academy in senegal

By Nicholas Norbrook

Patrick Vieira won a World and European Cup playing for France/Photo©ReutersFootballer Patrick Vieira is setting up a football academy in his home country where the focus is on passing exams before passing the ball.

"Education is the best way for Africa to pull itself up," says Patrick Vieira, the Arsenal legend and current director at Manchester City.

The former football star who won a World and European Cup playing for France has set up a football academy in his native Senegal.

He is now lending his name to the Pass Campaign run by Western Union, which will sponsor a day's schooling for a child for every successful pass in the UEFA Europa League tournament.

The goal is to fund a million days of free education by the end of the campaign in May 2013.

For Vieira, it was a privilege to be taught by Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger because, "he listens, his door is always open, for professional and personal problems, and he will always tell you what you are doing wrong but with the tact and diplomacy so that you don't reject it."

He has carried this reverence for learning through to his football academy, Diambars.

"For us, it is great to have kids who succeed professionally in football, but most won't.

So our greatest pride is to have kids who get their primary and secondary school certificates"●

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