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Posted on Tuesday, 12 February 2019 11:16

Tasting the continent

By Essenam Dabla-Attikpo

This year, hone in on flavours when making your travel plans for a richer cultural experience – whether working your way through traditional dishes, trying the freshest, most local produce or meeting young food innovators.


À table à Lomé

Togo is an unsuspected paradise for food lovers, with a gastronomy that is both tasty and affordable. In Lomé try out grillades – grilled seafood, pork, soy kebabs, guinea fowl – anywhere along the beach. The local delicacy gboma is a leaf stew eaten with a ball of akoumé (corn dough). For the sweet-toothed, street sellers offer a variety of treats: konkada (caramelised peanuts) peanut nougat, coconut toffees. Oh, and do not forget to get your delicious, locally made fruit jams before leaving the capital!

Chocolate delight in Lagos

You’ve probably heard about Ghanaian and Ivorian chocolate – now it’s time to discover Nigerian chocolate! Chocolatier Femi Oyedipe, founder of LoshesChocolate, is on a mission to make that happen. Her factory-showroom is a hidden gem located in Lekki, Lagos. There you can go on a tour, sample chocolate, learn about chocolate making and of course buy some! So will you be tempted by the coconut milk chocolate bar, the mango dark chocolate or the spicy dark chocolate?

The perfect food day in Marrakech

Get breakfast in the Medina: pomegranate juice, bread, apricots, dates, pancakes – baghrir and m’semen – with a bit of honey. Have lunch at a traditional spot and order lentils, fried fish or fried vegetables. Later, enjoy mint tea and cookies at La Patisserie des Princes. At 7pm, as the sun goes down, head to the main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, to try out the famous snail soup, followed by a lamb tajine with dried plums and a mix of special spices. Bon appétit! 


By Essenam Dabla-Attikpo
Photo credits: Loshes

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