Somalia: A tipping-point talk in London

rsz a tipping-point talk in london

The government of President Mohamed got a dose of support at an international conference in May, but diplomats worry about its ability to defeat Al-Shabaab.

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Now is not the time to slacken our commitment to AMISOM

Francisco Caetano Madeira, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission for Somalia and Head of AMISOMThe recent co-ordinated bombings of the popular Ambassador and Nasa-Hablod Hotels in Mogadishu by al-Shabaab, reminds us of the fragility of our peace achievements in recent times in Somalia.

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East Africa's IGAD seek special UN mandate to secure South Sudan's capital

File photo©AP/SIPAEast Africa's Intergovernmental Authority on Development, IGAD, is seeking a revision of UN Peacekeeping force in South Sudan (UNMISS)'s mandate in an effort to set up an intervention brigade that will secure Juba, that country's capital.

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Somalia: A rise that is visible to only a few

Somali children play on swings at the Mogadishu Guest House, in Mogadishu. Photo©Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP/SIPAThe horrors that defined the Horn of Africa country during the civil war are slowly giving way to a new Somalia, one that is becoming relatively peaceful and is making slow but steady socioeconomic and political progress. The problem is that few people are noticing this change.

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AU elects Dlamini-Zuma's successor

Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, African Union Commission Chairperson. Photo©Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP/SIPAAfrican leaders are set to elect the next chairperson of the African Union Commission during their meeting in Kigali, Rwanda from July 10 to 18.

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Somalia's drone of elections

Al-Shabaab attacks have been on the rise. Photo©MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB/AFPAl-Shabaab remains undefeated as the country prepares for a national poll. The international forces fighting the Somali Islamist rebels of Al-Shabaab are struggling.

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110 Al Shabaab fighters killed in foiled Somalia attack

File photo©Stuart Price/AP/SIPAThe African Union's peacekeeping force in Somalia said it repelled an attack by Islamist militant group al-Shabaab on Thursday, killing 110 of their fighters.

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Terrorism or internal conflicts? Scrambling for solutions

Boko Haram. File photo©AP/SIPAWith the emergence of groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the spread of Somalia's Al-Shabaab attacks into Kenya and Uganda, many are asking whether terrorism is becoming the dominant mode of conflict across Africa.

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Oil & Gas: Kenya, Uganda discuss rival routes for oil export pipeline

Uhuru Kenyatta (Left) and Yoweri Museveni (Centre). Photo©ReutersThe Kenyan and Ugandan presidents held talks on Monday about which route to choose for an oil export pipeline that Kenya wants to go through its territory rather than neighbouring Tanzania, but discussions did not reach any final deal.

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Trend hunter: Queens of Kenya's tiny screen

In Kenya a growing number of young women have channelled flaunting it into a business, harnessing Instagram and social media and brokering sponsorship deals for their selfies and short clips giving style, fashion and beauty inspiration.

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Horn of Africa States Follow Gulf into the Yemen War

Photo©ReutersIn the Horn, where cash-strapped regimes often teeter on the brink of financial survival and alliances are made and broken with bewildering regularity, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has found willing partners as Saudi-Iranian tensions escalate.

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Ethiopians, Somalis continue to flock to war-torn Yemen

Ethiopians and Somalians continue to flock to war-torn Yemen despite the worsening civil war in that country, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has said.

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Corruption: Somalia's government investigating Soma Oil charges

Photo©ReutersThe Somali government is investigating allegations related to British exploration firm Soma Oil and Gas, which has been searching for oil in Somalia, the foreign minister said on Tuesday.

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Day in the life: Writing a way

Photos© Siegfried Modola for The Africa ReportMohamed Hussein, 19, is a Somali refugee who was born in the Dadaab camps in Kenya. He is trying to use his passion for writing to achieve success

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Kenya's finance minister announces plans to stabilise currency

Photo@ReutersKenyatillworkerKenyan Finance Minister Henry Rotich promised today to take further steps, including cutting the budget deficit, to stabilise the currency after a 12 percent fall against the dollar so far this year.

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Kenya's ailing sugar miller gets $10 million in state bailout

Photo©ReutersKenya's president handed 1 billion shillings ($10 million) to cash-strapped Mumias Sugar as part of a state bailout and said managers who ran down the firm would be investigated for corruption.

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Somalia gets first IMF review of its economy in 25 years

The International Monetary Fund has completed its first economic consultation on Somalia in more than 25 years, saying the economy of the nation that is rebuilding after decades of conflict grew by 3.7 percent in 2014.

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Somalia: Bank in a multi-million fundraising bid via share sale

International Bank of Somalia (IBS), one of only a handful of commercial banks operating in the war-torn country, wants to raise $10 million in a public share offering that would be the first of its kind since civil war broke out in 1991.

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Kenya: After the pain, the politics

Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan. Photo©Siegfried Modola for TARA survivor of the Eastleigh explosion of December 2012, the MP for Kamukunji, Yusuf Hassan, seeks solutions for the migration of youths from gangs to jihadism.

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East Africa's Faustian counter-terrorism pact

Despite the bold talk about South Sudan, there is little prospect of accountability.

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