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Posted on Thursday, 05 July 2018 10:08

South African barista brews the country's first black-owned coffee brand

By Reuters

Prepared coffee beans. Photo: John Minchillo/AP/SIPASihle's Brew is South Africa's first fully black owned coffee brand, offering customers a variety of specialty blends, designed by coffee barista, Sihle Magubane.

The business was started in 2016 by the 35-year-old entrepreneur whose passion for coffee led him to create his own brews.

Magubane says he saw an opportunity to meet demand for coffee in Johannesburg, and offering customers a new coffee experience in the process.

A trained coffee roaster and barista, Magubane opened his coffee shop, Barista Love two years ago, where he personally selects, blends and roasts the beans to make his coffee.

"Owning a coffee shop, it's a passion that I have. Mainly, it's all about, it's some of the achievement that I have but It's not yet there where I want to be. At the moment we're still busy working to grow more in terms of the brand," he said.

While Johannesburg has coffee shops in virtually all shopping malls and a wide choice in most well-to-do suburbs, as well as international chains such as Starbucks, Sihle's Brew offers customers something new.

Training facility for young baristas

"This is a cappuccino and it's not too hot. It's beautiful. It's gorgeous," said one customer, John Van Der Walt.

"The Americano and the expresso are my favourite that I always have at this coffee shop," added another customer, Kasongo Chileshe.

Magubane sources his coffee from some of the continent's best coffee producers, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, as well as from Brazil.

"The quality is very crucial because from handling of, between the roasting to finished goods. I handle that, I make sure that the quality control is always above standard," he said.

Magubane who also uses his coffee shop as a training facility for young baristas, is due to open three stores at various gym facilities in Johannesburg in he coming weeks.

Sihle's Brew is also available in a number of retail stores across the country.

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