In DepthThe QuestionCan the ANC survive another term of Zuma as president?


Posted on Friday, 02 November 2012 12:22

Can the ANC survive another term of Zuma as president?

Amid widespread criticism of his tenure as South African president, Jacob Zuma will stand for another five-year term leading the governing ANC at its conference in Mangaung on 16-20 December, with or without challengers.



ALLISTER SPARKS, Journalist, political commentator and author of Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South AfricaNoWe have a government whose various component parts are all fighting each other over who is to get the goodies whilst in government. I believe the ANC will crumble in the next seven years, I believe the chances of this are very high. What might cause it I don't know and I'm not going to start guessing. But I do believe that it is so disunited and so poorly led at the moment, that I cannot see any figure capable of holding it together except for possibly Kgalema Motlanthe, who seems, in terms of the ANC's curious traditions, to be unwilling to de- clare himself a candidate. If we have got Zuma – who has shown himself to be a pretty incompetent leader [of the country] for the past three-and-a- half years – for another seven, then I doubt that the ANC will stay in one piece. The 2014 elections could nudge us forward down that road. The ANC has gone down from over 70% to 62% in our proportional representation system. If he were to lose further votes – if it were to drop into the 50s as it may well do in 2014 – then people could jump ship●



KEBBY MAPHATSOE, Chairperson of the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ AssociationYes We want to retain Jacob Zuma as he has managed to do well to unite the ANC and would continue to do so if he is elected in Mangaung. Zuma has made sure that school children have access to free food and schooling. There was the challenge of the Limpopo textbook debacle, but we think it was about embarrassing the president. The fact is our children are attending schools and receiving free meals. Zuma is good for South Africa. We are of the view that Jacob Zuma must be retained and very confident that he would not be contested in Mangaung. He has made sure that South Africa is represented in the African Union and by lobbying for [Nkosazana] Dlamini-Zuma to be the first woman chair of the AU. For the first time rural development has been given priority and we have seen development in areas like the Eastern Cape done aggressively. For the first time we are seeing job creation taking centre stage in the country. SA is now in BRICS and Zuma has managed by all means to put SA on the map at the UN. We know that Zuma is also working towards getting Africa a permanent seat on the UN. This is all happening because of Zuma and we have to retain him because we cannot have a situation where the president changes every five years. It could create instability in the country●

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