Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya's hate-speech test

Curio (right) and Odinga (left) at the ‘hate speech lunch’. Photo©All Rights ReservedMP's incendiary statements have put Kenya's new laws in the dock as the threat of a repeat of the electoral violence that followed the contested 2007 presidential polls looms.

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Kenya: Lending rate cap hits shares again, sparks growth fears

Photo©Thomas Mukoya/ReutersKenyan bank shares plunged for a second day on Friday after President Uhuru Kenyatta sought to boost the economy by capping lending rates and analysts said his attempt to encourage lending may prove counterproductive.

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Banking: Kenyan president approves law capping commercial bank lending rates

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo©Noor Khamis/ReutersKenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law on Wednesday a bill capping commercial bank lending rates, saying banks had in the past failed to live up to pledges to lower their rates when parliament tried to introduce caps.

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Kenya to get $1.1bn World Bank loan for northern region infrastructure

ReutersKenya will get a World Bank loan of $1.1 billion for infrastructure projects in the country's arid northern region, the bank's vice president for Africa said.

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Kenya: We have been vindicated - Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya. Photo©Damien Grenon for The Africa ReportIn the crimes against humanity cases over political violence in 2007-08, the ICC withdrew charges against the president in 2015 and dropped the case against his deputy.

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Kenya's broken bromance

William Ruto (right) and Uhuru Kenyatta have a good line in camaraderie for the cameras. Photo©Ben Curtis/ AP/SIPAThere are signs that the unlikely alliance formed between Kenyatta and Ruto in 2013 may not last far beyond presidential elections in 2017.

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Kenya tea auction operator to automate trading

Kenya will this year begin to automate trading at its weekly tea auction of regional produce to increase transparency in dealings, the chairman of the East African Tea Traders Association (EATTA), which runs the sale, said on Wednesday.

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Telecoms: Kenyan regulator accuses government of clipping its powers

Francis Wangusi, Director General, Communications Authority of Kenya. Photo©ScreenShotKenya's telecoms regulator accused the government on Tuesday of curbing the watchdog's ability to manage competition in the sector by recently changing the law and said the move could discourage investments.

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Kenya Country Profile 2015: That engine just keeps rolling

altBuoyed by the confidence of local and international investors, Kenya's economy looks sufficiently stable to survive the damage done by a sharp drop in income from tourism after a spate of terrorist attacks – and it should remain strong enough to shrug off rising inflationary pressures going into 2015.

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Kenya: Anti-corruption campaign launched by tax authority

Photo©ReutersThe Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) says it will vet staff for misconduct and step up efforts to prevent abuses when calculating customs charges.

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Kenya: Sugar companies get $381 million debt write-off

Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta says his government will continue to do all in its power to help the cane sector get back on its feet. Photo©ReutersKenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday announced that the east Africa country has written off 39.7 billion shillings ($381 million) owed by state-owned sugar companies, aiming to ease their planned privatisations.

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Who is stealing what... in Kenya?

Photo©ReutersActivists have identified 37 major corruption scandals since president Uhuru Kenyatta took power in April 2013.

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People to watch: Rebels, oppositionists and money-makers

Photos© Billy K. Mutai/Nation Media GroupPhotos© Salaton Njau/Nation Media GroupPhotos© Suleiman Mbatiah/Nation Media GroupIn Kenya's fractious politics, leaders across the spectrum are having difficulty keeping all of their allies in line

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Power: Energy for all in 2020

Photos©Thomas Mukoya/ReutersThe government will have to act quickly and mobilise funds to connect all of the country's population centres to the national grid in the next five years

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Kenya-Uganda: Kenyatta seeks a more friendly East African integration

File photo©ReutersKenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged East African states to facilitate the free movement of people and encourage business in the region for quick economic transformation.

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Kenya: A quarter of state budget unaccounted for

Photo©ReutersAbout a quarter of Kenya's 1.6 trillion shilling ($16 billion) budget cannot be adequately accounted for, the country's auditor general said, days after U.S. President Barack Obama urged the country to do more to stop graft.

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What does Kenya want?

PHOTO© MANDEL NGAN/AFP; SIMON MAINA/AFPWith both the West and East now courting Nairobi, President Kenyatta must decide how to do business with allies both old and new.

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Kenya: Patrick Njoroge formally appointed as new central bank governor

Patrick Njoroge, Kenya's central bank governor. Photo©ScreenShotPatrick Njoroge has been formally appointed as the new governor of the Central Bank of Kenya by the president after parliament approved the choice, the central bank said on its website.

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Kenya's ailing sugar miller gets $10 million in state bailout

Photo©ReutersKenya's president handed 1 billion shillings ($10 million) to cash-strapped Mumias Sugar as part of a state bailout and said managers who ran down the firm would be investigated for corruption.

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Monica Juma, the brain behind Kenya's Kenyatta

Monica Juma. Photo©Diana Ngila/Nation Media GroupSince rallying support against Kenyatta's ICC case, Juma is now the highest-ranking woman in the Kenyan government. Her next challenge is to deal with a troublesome bureaucracy

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