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Somalia: A tipping-point talk in London

rsz a tipping-point talk in london

The government of President Mohamed got a dose of support at an international conference in May, but diplomats worry about its ability to defeat Al-Shabaab.

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Will the UN save us from hell?

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon retires at the end of 2016 Mary Altaffer/AP/SIPAIf we want UN missions to succeed, they must be highly trained and properly equipped.

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UN accuses Eritrea of slavery, rights abuses

Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki's government has been accused of enslaving thousands. Photo©Screen ShotThe United Nations has accused Eritrea of widespread human rights abuses amid allegations that thousands of people have been enslaved through the country's national service programme in the last 25 years.

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Last Word: Bailouts and begging in Harare and Athens

Photos© All rights reservedI have been watching developments in Greece with keen interest because the way the Greek bailout was handled reminded me of what Tanzania's former president Julius Nyerere once said at a function in Japan: "it is very expensive to be poor."

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Belgian branch of CAR's diamond trading company blacklisted by UN

Photo@ReutersdiamondsThe United Nations Security Council blacklisted on Thursday the Belgian branch of Central African Republic's diamond trading company and three people linked to the country's more than three-year-old conflict.

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Ghana sues Cote d'Ivoire over maritime boundary

Ghana has initiated arbitration processes under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) seeking a declaration that it has not trespassed Cote d'Ivoire's territorial waters in the exploration of oil.

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There is energy momentum in Africa

United Nations Under-Secretary-General Kandeh Yumkella. Photo©Maria Elisa FranceoUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General Kandeh Yumkella and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Chief Executive for the Sustainable Energy for All initiative discusses a range of issues on Africa's energy challenges.

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South Sudan: A young nation divided

The SPLA army regained control of oil-rich Unity State in January. Photo©Andreea Campeanu/ReutersThe rivalry between the president and former vice-president engulfed the country in violence in December, and shows little sign of abating.

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South Sudan on the verge of civil war

South Sudan is descending into a civil war as the country's two dominant tribes split along military and political lines, the United Nations has warned.

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Africa in 2014: African voices in the development debate

Maternal and child mortality are two targets of the MDGs. Photo©Jan GRARUP/LAIF-REAOne of the chief criticisms of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – the United Nations (UN) anti-poverty targets that include reducing child mortality by two-thirds and halving the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 per day by 2015 – was that they were drawn up without consulting African countries.

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DRC Drones to testing the waters for future UN missions

File Photo©ReutersDrone-supported intelligence gathering in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a prototype of future United Nations security missions, experts have said.

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African Union and the ICC: Standing for human rights or against?

African countries have actively supported the ICC and nominated Africans to the positions of ICC judges including the current ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda from GambiaPoliticians stoked the inter-ethnic violence that engulfed Kenya following the disputed Presidential election result in December 2007. Today, it is politicians who seek to take African countries out of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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Somalia-Kenya: Conflict over port and buffer state

Photo©FEISAL OMAR/REUTERSBeaming with confidence after a string of international conferences pledged to back his government, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has to grapple with a new set of security and diplomatic problems.

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Egypt: UN muscles in

Almost 900 people, including more than 100 soldiers and police officers, have been killed since the authorities forcibly dispersed Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo on Wednesday/Photo©ReutersUnited Nations has moved to hold discussions with Egypt's interim government, its military and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo "with a focus on how the United Nations can best support initiatives to restore peace and forge reconciliation in Egypt".

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Anansi: Mali's rush to the polls highlights existential question

Ahead of the Malian election, a banner strung across the main square in Gao read: "Mali, notre fierté!" (Mali, our pride!).

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Mali: Peaceful election, troublesome result

A boy sits in front of an electoral campaign poster for Malian presidential candidate Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in Timbuktu, July 25, 2013/Photo©REUTERSMali's presidential elections are threatening to further destabilise the volatile country as losing political parties are already rejecting the preliminary results of the polls.

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DR Congo: Dilemma as UN plans intervention

Rebel groups have continued to destabilise the Great Lakes region in recent years/Photo©ReutersUnited Nations aid workers and vulnerable civilians are under threat of violent attacks following a planned offensive by UN peacekeeping forces in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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Somalia: UN to take action after deadly al-Shabaab attack

UN Security Council president, Mark Lyall Grant says sanctions against Al-Shabaab could be widenedUnited Nations and foreign embassies in Somalia have vowed to step up security in their operations in the Horn of Africa nation, following a terrorist attack by members if Al-Shabaab on the world body's headquarters in the capital, Mogadishu.

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Guinea's high-risk elections

Opposition supporters in guinea have said they will return to the streets as often as it takes to get fair elections/Photo©CELLOU BINANI/AFPPlanned for 30 June, legislative elections are a cause of heightened tensions between the government and the opposition.

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Ghana revises anti-terrorism laws

Ghana has amended its Anti-Terrorism Act to target individuals and groups plotting to distabilise the country, a government official said on Monday.

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