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Posted on Tuesday, 23 October 2018 15:53

Cameroon president Biya wins re-election in landslide victory

By Reuters
Monday Oct. 22 ,2018, supporters of Cameroon's Incumbent President Paul Biya, of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement party, celebrate his election victory in Yaounde, Cameroon. Photo: Rodrigue Mbock/AP/SIPA

85-year-old Paul Biya won his seventh term in the midst of separatist violence in the west of the country.

There was joy in the streets of Cameroon on Monday (October 22) as the country's president Paul Biya secured an emphatic re-election victory.

Winning the poll with a landslide 71% of the vote, Biya extends his 36-year rule and cements his place as one of Africa's longest-standing rulers.

The widely-expected win gives the 85-year-old a seventh term in office and could see him in power until at least the age of 92.

Most Cameroonians have known just him as president.

Biya's victory from the October 7th poll comes amid claims from opposition candidates that the election was fraudulent - including ballot stuffing and voter intimidation.

Ambazonians calling for independence

The Constitutional Council rejected all 18 petitions claiming fraud.

In addition, violence connected to a separatist movement in the western Anglophone regions forced tens of thousands to flee in the lead up to the vote.

A group calling themslves Ambazonians, who are calling for independence, threatened to close the roads and attack anyone taking part in the election - something which prevented a huge number in that region from casting their ballot.

A government crackdown on peaceful protests against the marginalisation of Anglophones killed hundreds since 2016.

Reports say soldiers have burnt houses and killed residents in remote villages.

In retaliation, hundreds have taken up arms to form small militias, killing hundreds of soldiers and police.

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