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Posted on Monday, 08 October 2018 11:52

Cameroon voters wary of fraud as counting gets underway

By Reuters

08102018CameroonNewspapers in Cameroon described on Monday (October 8) the country's presidential election as largely peaceful and transparent a day after voters took to the polls. But some candidates who stood against incumbent President Paul Biya have already warned of electoral fraud.

On election day there were isolated incidents of unrest in the separatist Anglophone regions of the Northwest and Southwest where local officials said voter participation was at its lowest ever.

Tallying the nationwide vote could take up to two weeks.

In 2011, Biya won 78% of the vote in an election the United States said was "marked by irregularities". The odds are still against the opposition, including the main candidate, Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front.

Presidential term limits

Osih urged supporters via Twitter to monitor the count.

UNIVERS party candidate, Cabral Libii, who has a strong following amongst the country's youth, published a video on Facebook before the close of the polls accusing Biya of trying to fix the results.

The authorities have said the election would be free and fair.

Victory for Biya, 85, who has ruled for 36 years, would give him a seventh term, bucking a move by some Africa nations to install presidential term limits. The only current African president to have ruled longer is Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

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