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Posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 16:39

Ericsson to broaden ICT connectivity in Ghana

By Lawrence Quartey

Photo©ReutersEricsson, the world's largest maker of equipment for building mobile telecommunications networks, has announced plans to broaden information, communication and technology (ICT) connectivity to the rural communities in Ghana.


The decision is part of the company's Networked Society initiative to create freedom, empowerment and opportunity, transforming industries and society while helping find solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our planet.

Ghana has a fast growing middle class and the Swedish company wants to take advantage of that market.

Ericsson's aim is to use broadband to address poverty, human rights, climate change and other challenges.

"Ericsson uses innovation to empower people, business and society and thus envisage a networked society that is sustainable, and where everything that can benefit from a connection will have one," Andreas Karlsson, Head of Supply, Region Sub-Saharan Africa and Country Manager of Ericsson AB, Ghana said in Accra on Tuesday.

Explaining how ICT will help grow and empower people, business and the society, Karlsson said, the company's focal point would be to build the competence of local people through regular training programmes.

He said the idea was to empower individuals and communities to drive change towards completely new ways of governing, doing business, innovating, learning and educating.

Karlson said the company would bring connectivity to schools, particularly in the in rural areas. The schools and communities will be fully connected with devices such as laptops, PCs and mobile phones, with internet access.

The company is also presently supporting an initiative of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to build 50 new ultra modern schools in the Greater Accra Region.

The vision of a networked society was first launched in South Africa.



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