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Posted on Friday, 21 June 2013 15:23

Ghana gets agriculture support from the US

By Lawrence Quartey

The $1.4 million fund will help improve research in Ghana’s agriculture industryThe United States has provided $1.4 million to improve research in Ghana's agriculture industry.


The money through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will be used to recruit a technical advisor, train staff, and provide equipment to the newly set up Agriculture and Agribusiness Unit in the ministry of Finance.

According to officials, the unit will use the funds to formulate policies for the agriculture sector.

It will also compile, analyzes, and summarise information from across the government departments and external sources to advise policy makers on microeconomic developments and policy issues in the agricultural sector.

The US embassy in Accra said the unit will be the first of its type, and will serve as a model for developing similar analytic capabilities for the energy, industrial, and service sectors.

"This support to the Agriculture and Agribusiness Unit will be a driving force to make sure that policy makers have the right information to make tough decisions and look critically at the various options available to them," Cheryl Anderson, an embassy spokesperson said.

The support is being provided under President Barack Obama's Feed the Future initiative, which aims to improve food security, incomes, and nutrition in Ghana and around the world.

Ghana's Deputy Minister of Finance Ato Forson said the support was being delivered under a broad framework of a Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) that replaced the Country Strategic Plan, in 2013.

The CDCS focuses on areas that include sustainable and broadly shared economic growth, equitable improvements in health and strengthening democratic governance.

"The Ghana-US bilateral cooperation has contributed to improved access to basic education, expanded access to healthcare services and strengthened civic participation in democratic process," he said.

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