Posted on Friday, 25 October 2013 15:06

Ghanaian teachers go on strike

By Billie Adwoa McTernan

Teachers in Ghana have gone on strike to protest the government's failure to act on what they describe as poor conditions of service.


On Thursday some 50,000 members of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) embarked on a nationwide strike.

The move comes after months of abortive negotiations with the government and education institutions to resolve CCT's concerns.

The group says that their demands, including the provision of sufficient teaching materials, arrears in upward salary adjustments and a pension scheme, have not been met by government.

"Hundreds of millions of Ghana cedis are supposed to be put aside but we don't know where the money is." Ali Awudu, CCT communications director, told The Africa Report.

The organisation says it has received a backlash from the Ghana National Association of Teachers and other labour organisations who say the strike is unlawful.

But the coalition insists their action is legal.

The CCT further added that it abided by the law that requires those that begin strike action to provide a seven-day notice.

They say their position was made clear three weeks ago when they sent a letter to the Labour Commission, Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, Ghana Educational Service and the Ministry of Education. www.gollgi.com - get best One Way Car Hire

Awudu said, "Any nation that does not see education as a priority has a bleak future".

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