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Posted on Wednesday, 22 August 2018 11:51

ITV: Matt Lilley, Chief executive, Prudential Africa

By Interview by C.I.
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TAR: What was attractive about the Nigerian market given your existing Africa footprint?
It was always clear right from the very start of our investment in Africa that  we wanted to be very successful in Nigeria  and that Nigeria is a huge opportunity for life insurance. Obviously it’s  a big population, enormous economy in African terms, but also it’s very underpenetrated in terms  of insurance […]. We knew right from the start that Zenith was the partner that we wanted to work with, and so [all it needed] was the time it took to build  that relationship with  the Zenith team.
It’s quite a competitive market, so what is Prudential’s strategy for growth?
We want to be successful over the long term, which  is the only way to do  it in life insurance – it’s  a long-term product.  And we think the long-term prospects of Nigeria are really strong. Economic cycles are a fact of life, and Nigeria is at a different point in the economic cycle than it was four or five years ago.
What initiatives do you plan in order to grow the business?
Life insurance, in particular, is a product that is sold to people rather  than bought by people. Your success in growing  a life-insurance business  is usually a measure  of how successful you’ve been at building your distribution channels. And so our energies in Nigeria are going to be focused very heavily on working with our partners at Zenith Bank to build our distribution over the hundreds of branches across the country,  and recruiting and training hundreds of advisers  to work alongside the bank branches and advise  the Zenith customers on ways in which our products could help them. 
It’s probably very early at this stage but do you foresee consolidation  at some point given  the number of insurers in the industry? 
We are very happy with the business that we  have and with the organic growth prospects that our business has because  of the partnership. Consolidation can happen through mergers, but consolidation can also happen naturally by  the winners taking more and more of the market. 
This interview first appeared in the April 2018 print edition of The Africa Report magazine

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