Posted on Wednesday, 05 November 2014 12:27

Nigeria: Boko Haram seizes major town, eyes secession

By Konye Obaji Ori

Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram has seized, and renamed the second largest town in the northern state of Adamawa.

The Islamist sect displaced the government of the town, and residents in what appears to be an attempt to secede.

They renamed the city of Mubi to 'Madinatul Islam', which means the city of Islam.

Act of Terror or Act of War? 

Boko Haram's plan to create an Islamic state, through the annexation of Adamawa State and/or Borno State from Nigeria will constitute secession. The extreme Islamist group fears opposition to its interpretation of Islam, and seeks to protect it: feeling its religious culture is threatened by the majority Western ideals in Nigeria. It is seemingly seeking to form a State of its own which would protect its culture. 

Known for its brute force and acts of terror, the group's ambition to capture the whole Adamawa State after taking, renaming and declaring Mubi as an Islamic city, which it now governs, is likely to lead to secession - a trigger of civil wars.

Four local governments including Michika, Madagali, Mubi North and Mubi South of Adamawa State are now in the firm grip of Boko Haram.

Thousands of people are now internally displaced, according to local reports.

To solidify their control of the local governments, the extremist group has set up road-blocks and check-points in strategic locations in and around the towns.

Boko Haram's audacious move was a direct response to orders by the federal government to the military to flush out Boko Haram from Mubi and other towns.

Boko Haram says it intends to capture the whole Adamawa state in the near future.

According to local reports, residents under Boko Haram have been ordered to go about their normal activities, open their shops for business.

"They provided security during the market day of Uba town last Thursday while promising to continue to give market owners and residents who come to the area utmost security as long as they comply with Islamic rules," Reuters quoted an eye-witness as saying.

Boko Haram's actions could compel the Nigerian government to act against the threat of anarchy, in self-defense, or in the protection of majority rule.

[They promised] to continue to give market owners and residents who come to the area utmost security as long as they comply with Islamic rules


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