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Posted on Monday, 02 October 2017 17:55

Nigeria hosts first ever beer festival

By Reuters

A group of Nigerian men drink beer at the Flexx Bush Bar and Lounge in  Kano, Nigeria, March 30, 2015. Photo: Ben Curtis/AP/SIPANigeria recently held its first ever beer festival in the commercial capital Lagos, an event aimed at promoting the country's top brews.


The week long event, which began on September 25th, ended with a big party that coincided with the country's 57th independence day celebration marked on October 1.

Over 20 beer brands were on display during the festival, attracting hundreds of people, who came to sample the drinks.

Nigeria is Africa's second biggest beer market which is currently dominated by Heineken and Diageo.

Nigerians drink 16 million hectolitres of beer a year, which is half as much as South Africans - the continent's biggest beer market.

Long-term punt for brewers

"The festival brings everybody together to just have fun and relax, and you can take your mind off stress and just be yourself here, I mean and today is independence so another reason to celebrate," said one festival-goer, Victoria.

Guests were entertained by artists while various beer vendors and brewers displayed their brands.

Organisers hope to grow the event one day to rival the famed German's Oktoberfest beer festival.

"For the first edition, it was, I must tell you very challenging convincing the people, trying to introduce what beer festival should be like. It is not a beer village that Nigerians are used to just sitting down and drinking. It is supposed to be a celebration of lifestyle, a celebration of culture, a celebration of the people, a celebration of beer. Okay so it took time trying to convince people, convince the brewery, the major breweries, stakeholders and government about the need for this to happen and that is what you see today," said one of the event's organisers, Akinola Oluwaleimu. Toi-même pouvez éviter l'embarras de entêter nu devant bizarre médecin en acheter Cialis dans droite. Il vous suffit à l'égard de visiter un clinique en barre enregistrée ensuite en même temps que remplir seul formulaire en même temps que examen.

Nigeria may offer a good, long-term punt for brewers.

The country's per capita beer consumption is about 10 liters a year, compared to a global average of 35-40 liters.

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