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Posted on Monday, 29 February 2016 11:00

Nigeria: Thousands of ghost workers fired

By Konye Obaji Ori

File Photo©ReutersNigeria's anti-corruption campaign led by President Muhammadu Buhari has claimed its first major success after nearly 24,000 workers were removed from the public payroll.

According to reports, the Finance Ministry is set to save around $11 million a month following the expulsion of ghost workers.

savings made will ultimately reduce the amount to be borrowed

"The salary bill for February 2016 has reduced by 2.293 billion naira ($11.53 million)," Finance ministry advisor, Festus Akanbi said in a statement.

"Trimming this cost is key to funding the deficit in the 2016 budget, as savings made will ultimately reduce the amount to be borrowed."

The ghost workers had been receiving monthly wages, highlighting the blatant corruption in Africa's biggest economy.

Fishing out ghost workers and saving money is a pivotal success to an administration whose election campaign centred on ending corruption and mismanagement.

Akanbi said stricter payroll regulation would boost the budget at a time Nigeria's state coffers are depleted as a result of the collapse in global oil prices.

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The country has also faced rising inflation, a stock market slump and the slowest pace of economic growth in more than a decade.

Buhari has promised to cut costs to manage the nation's economic slowdown.

Buhari announced a record budget last December, promising to stimulate growth and build infrastructure in Nigeria.

He has vowed to infuse the budget with money recovered in his quest to stamp out corruption in the West African nation.

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