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Posted on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 17:59

Samsung Galaxy S IV arriving in Ghana soon

By Lawrence Quartey

Samsung Galaxy S IV, the fourth generation Galaxy S range is expected to soon arrive in Ghana, Samsung Electronics West Africa announced Tuesday.


"Sequel to its highly publicised, successful and outstanding official launch in New York last Thursday, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, world's latest and smartest smartphone, is making its way to Ghana shortly," the release says.

The SIV's predecessor, SIII was voted as the best smart phone in 2012, selling more than 40 units worldwide and the South Korean electronics firm hopes its newest offing will do better.

The global launch of the new phone has been set for the end of April and Ghana is likely to be among the first countries where the phone would be sold.

"Understanding what matters most to us, the Samsung Galaxy S IV was developed to redefine the way we live and to maximise our fulfillment of life.

"The sleek and innovative smartphone makes every moment of life very meaningful, it understands the value of relationships, enabling true connections with friends and family. It believes in the importance of an effortless user experience, making life easy and hassle-free," the release says.

The launch in Ghana will cement the West African country's position as a leader of tech innovations in Africa.

Jaspreet Singh, Business Leader Samsung Hand-Held Products said: "Samsung Galaxy S IV has a special feature which enables you to control the screen with your eyes.

"It is the first phone with smart scroll and smart stay," Jaspreet said in a brief a comment.

Smart scroll and smart stay feature allow the user read, watch videos and access email without touching the screen.

"When you are watching a video, the video pauses when you look away then it starts right up again when you are back," Jaspreet explained.

"It recognises your face and the movement of your wrist and then scrolls the pages up or down accordingly."

Tech enthusiasts believe Samsung's latest device will offer competition to Apple's iPhone 5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

The slim and flexible Galaxy S IV has the world's first Full HD Super AMOLED display and a 5-inch large screen with 441ppi for stunning viewing quality.

It also utilises new Gorilla Glass 3, making it durable. It has a 13-megapixel rear camera and also boasts a dual camera function that allows simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras.

Globally, Samsung is the market leader in mobile phones with over 400 million units sold in 2012. In the smartphone space as well, Samsung is the dominant leader with 32 percent market share.

In Ghana, Samsung became the market leader in mobile phones in early part of 2012, while maintaining dominance in smartphones with over 80 percent market share.

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