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Posted on Tuesday, 29 October 2013 17:25

Trendhunter: App brings nollywood films to mobile screens

By Billie Adwoa McTernan

Bringing the latest nollywood trailers, short films, feature films and music videos to smartphones and tablets, Nigerian app afrinolly is much more than an African version of the internet movie Database.


In 2011, FansConnectonline, a nigerian digital marketing company, won the google android Development Challenge for Sub-Saharan africa with its pilot version of the app.

The company's win came at a time when mobile internet browsing was overtaking desktop browsing in Nigeria.

In may of this year, afrinolly reached 2.8m downloads.

Chike maduegbuna, co-founder of FansConnectonline, said he did not expect the app to become so successful so quickly.

"We are still growing, this is just our first year. there are a lot of things moving faster than we expected, but we are just trying to keep on top of it," he said.

The team aims to keep up with demand and has added Bollywood content to the app following an increase in downloads.

It also has films from 14 african countries.

FansConnectonline has developed versions compatible with Android, Blackberry, Nokia and iOS devices and provides versions in French, Arabic and Chinese.

Last year the company launched the Afrinolly Short Film competition to encourage African film-makers and to create more content for the app that does not require a large amount of bandwidth.

Though its downloads are proving popular, some users have faced difficulties in making the most of the app, with films that consume a lot of mobile credit and are slow to load.

Nevertheless, the Afrinolly developers hope to add subtitles to their films in the next year in a bid to extend their reach even further across the continent and the global stage. ●

Billie McTernan



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