Posted on Friday, 07 October 2011 11:27

USAID to spend US$127 million in Ghana

By Lawrence Quartey

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has set aside US$127 million for development programmes in Ghana in the next 12 months.

Map of Ghana

The support forms part of a continuing partnership with Ghana to achieve shared objectives in democracy and governance, education, health and economic growth.

"USAID's commitment of an additional $127 million in development support for Ghana is taken in close consultation with the government," said Cheryl Anderson, the USAID mission director said on Tuesday.

"It reflects the United States' strong support for the policies and plans Ghana has put in place to improve health and education services for its citizens and our shared objective to generate prosperity and security for both Ghanaians and Americans," Anderson said.

The US Embassy in Accra said the agreement which was signed in 2003 had four main objectives.

They include ensuring employment opportunities and income levels for poor Ghanaians and improve delivery of health service at the community, district and regional levels.

It also aims at increasing the number of children completing basic education with improved quality of instruction and to strengthen the capacity of Ghana's local governance institutions.

About US$70.5 million of the amount would be used to improve the delivery of health services for HIV and AIDS, fight malaria, improve maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, water supply and sanitation, nutrition and higher education.

The new allocation brings USAID's total contribution to Ghana's development programmes to US$656.5 million since 2003.

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