Commodity exports: turning resource curse into economic engine

Frank Augstein/AP/SIPA

A cargo vessel passes by as the sun rises over the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa. Frank Augstein/AP/SIPA.

By: Ruslan Kharlamov

 Last month I attended the 5th edition of the Africa CEO Forum, a two-day event dedicated to the continent's socio-economic development. One of the forum’s key—and, unfortunately, protracted—discussions was how to end Africa’s resource curse and climb up the value chain.

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Lights out: poor governance and Africa's energy crisis

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria Thursday March 1, 2007. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALAMBA/AP/SIPA.

A street vendor sells her wares by the light of a kerosene wick lamp in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria claims ownership of one of the world's great energy reserves, but corruption and mismanagement leave Africa's oil giant chronically short of electricity. SUNDAY ALABAMA/AP/SIPA.

By: Max Bankole Jarrett

Africa is rich in resources and opportunities. In so many fields, however, the continent is yet to hit its stride, often because there is not enough political will to manage resources better and create necessary incentives. Africa's energy crisis is a prime example.

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Israel-Africa: Immigrants-for-arms deals attract criticism

Israeli immigration officers escort an African migrant in south Tel Aviv/Photo©ReutersIsrael announced in early July that it would sign deals with three unnamed African countries that would see Israel send them Eritrean and Sudanese migrants in exchange for arms and military aid.

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Country Profile 2012: CAMEROON

altHaving won the 9 October elections with 78 percent of the vote, Cameroon's long-serving President Paul Biya will have to juggle restless socio-political forces for the next seven years to remain president during what most believe will be his last term. He be 85 years old when his present mandate ends in 2018. 

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Country Profile 2012: CHAD

altStrongman Idriss Déby Itno was re-elected for a fourth term in the first round of presidential elections on 24 April. He gained 83.6 percent of the vote in polls that were boycotted by the main opposition leaders.

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Lagarde: Beating Greece with the Africa Stick

Christine Lagarde - the IMF's latest female figurehead – has declared that she holds more sympathy for Africans than dodging Greeks, facing the verge of economic crisis.


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Samsung opens flagship store in Ghana

Samsung has opened a flagshop store in Ghana, making it the third African country to have such an outlet.


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Dissecting the notion of place in society

Are you living in the place to be, 'displaced in place' or within the confines of a social category? These are some of the questions that Sarah Bracking's conversation with Jim Igoe yearn to dissect.

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African leaders to elect new AU chairperson

Dlamini Zuma and Jean PingAfrican leaders will for the second time attempt to elect a new African Union (AU) Commission chairperson when they meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia next week.

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African civil society wants governments to promote local mining investment

African civil society groups have called for the need for linkages within the mining sector and across all sectors of national economiesAfrican civil society groups at a recent international conference in Accra called on the continent's governments to shift from being mere regulators to promoters of investments in the mining sector.

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South Sudan: Bringing home the money

The fallout from South Sudan's oil production shutdown, now in its fifth month, is yielding some positive results as Africa's newest country approaches the...

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Can Africa benefit from a Greek exit?

Though the idea of 'eurogeddon' is shaking world markets and leaving many wondering what will come next, are there any ways in which Africa could benefit from a country leaving the eurozone? 

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Federation of terror groups 'worrisome'

Extremist group, Boko Haram has launched a string of attacks on churches in Nigeria/Photo/ReutersTerrorist groups across Africa and the Middle East plan to unite forces to build a strong non-state force against their perceived enemies, an intelligence report has revealed.

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Standard Bank supports Africa commodity and trade deals with $900m

Standard Bank hopes to increase its involvement in the oil and gas sector in East AfricaStandard Bank Group is to provide US$900 million to finance a number of African trade and commodities transactions in key targeted sectors this year, the Bank's global head of Trade and Commodity Finance, Craig Polkinghorne announced in Accra.

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Sociocultural Evolution and What I Eat

In my town of adoption the social code is that a woman can never be too skinny or too rich. Given my ethnicity, a curvaceous slender is all that I can settle for and this means that I must almost always skimp on the carbs because they are cruel to the silhouette. In fact I constantly count the calories of anything that touches my lips.

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Porsche in Nigeria bumping along in luxury

Photo/DR. ING. H.C. F. PORSCHE AGGerman luxury car brand Porsche is extending its reach in Africa with a new dealership in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos.

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Africa's industrialisation process has begun

JEAN-MICHEL SEVERINO ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT HOLLANDE AND FORMER HEAD OF THE AGENCE FRANÇAISE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT/Photo/TARJean-Michel Severino, former head of the Agence Française de Développement and advisor to newly elected French president, François Hollande, talks to The Africa Report in this exclusive interview about Africa's industrialisation process and China's impact on the continent's infrastructure development.

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We are not opposed to gay rights - Uganda

Uganda has claimed it is not opposed to gay rights, but rather is against the spread of homosexuality to the rest of the society through public meetings.

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Nigeria's Sanusi serves up development for dinner

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria/Photo/Vinvent FournierCould the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, feel at home among the proponents of muscular 'developmental-statism' in Africa?

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Rio+20: Africa sets sustainable development priorities

Around 340 million Africans have no access to safe drinking water/Photo/ReutersIn preparation for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio, African heads of state and ministers have been meeting on a consensus response. Africa's priority areas are highlighted below.

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