The total emancipation of Africa

Langston Hughes' poem is an attempt to define himself to a segregated America where his existential lot is one of discrimination and social rejection because of the color of his skin. Born black in a world that abhorred his race he had to assert himself to prove that he belonged and was truly worthy of the American dream.

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Book review: A time for new dreams by Ben Okri

altA collection of short works by the British-Nigerian writer touches on Africa, beauty and childhood.

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African credit default swaps: Everything’s relative

Some African sovereign debt looks rather attractive as the eurozone continues to flounder.

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Probe Libya's Fire Sale

For sale: One oil-rich North African state, sixth largest reserves in the world, spectacular Mediterranean views and good transport links to Italy. One careful but eccentric owner. Price on application.

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Book review: Southern Africa by Stephen Chan

altEssential reading on the political and economic history of South Africa and Zimbabwe

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ILO Director-General in Africa: Many success stories but more needs to be done to create decent jobs, reduce poverty

Africa has weathered the global economic and financial crisis better than other continents. It is growing again, exports are soaring and foreign investment is flowing in, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Director-General, Juan Somavía, told the ILO African Regional Meeting that started on Tuesday 11 October in Johannesburg. This is the ILO's 12th African meeting and the first to be held in South Africa.

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Rising prices good for Africa: Museveni

President Museveni/Photo ReutersUganda President Yoweri Museveni says Africa must take advantage of the rising commodities to increase exports.

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Transport: Landing on a runway near you

Africa's major airlines are knitting new networks across the continent as smaller regional airlines seek consolidation

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Book review: The Other Crucifix by Benjamin Kwakye

altCommonwealth Prize winner Benjamin Kwakye returns with a look at 1960s America through an African diaspora prism. 

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'Manliness' could save a continent

Kenneth, a hawker living in South Africa, tells people that if they don't believe that antiretrovirals work they should look for evidence in his handsome, healthy face. Look at it! He wants to be the poster boy for why this treatment shouldn't be stigmatised as weak, but promoted as keeping you manly.

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Nigeria's Dangote group to build cement factory in Ethiopia


One of Africa's leading business groups, Dangote, is set to construct a US$400 million factory in Ethiopia, probably hoping to take advantage of the construction boom in the Horn of Africa.

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Should Africa abandon the US dollar for the Chinese renminbi?

Both the United States and China may be facing their own debt mountains, but momentum is swinging China’s way for the position of foreign reserve currency of choice. Should Africa turn to the renminbi?        

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 The Annual Debate
24 April 2018 | London, UK - http://www.theannualdebate.com 
 TheAnnualDebate02The Annual Debate is the flagship event of Invest Africa – Business Council for Africa and is a staple in the diary for anyone investing and operating across the Continent. Returning in April for its 4th edition it has consistently positioned itself as Africa’s business forum in London.

Always connecting businesses across Africa, The Annual Debate places key decision makers, thought leaders and senior officials together to discuss the region’s most pertinent themes.

This year the event will focus on Africa’s role in the Global Economy, providing attendees with an understanding of how the different regions are driving through their industrialisation programmes and where Africa’s entrepreneurialism will take the Continent in the year ahead.

READ MORE AND REGISTER: http://www.theannualdebate.com

 Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend
27-29 April 2018 | Kigali, Rwanda - http://http://mo.ibrahim.foundation/fr/annual-event
 Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend
The Ibrahim Governance Weekend is the flagship event of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, held every year in a different African country.

This three-day event convenes prominent African political and business leaders, representatives from civil society, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners to debate issues of critical importance to Africa. 

The weekend begins with a Leadership Ceremony, which celebrates the Ibrahim Laureates and, if the Prize has been awarded that year, gives the opportunity to honour the new Laureate. A whole day is then dedicated to the Ibrahim Forum, a high-level discussion forum which tackles the challenges facing Africa and sets out priorities for action. The weekend concludes with a public concert highlighting some of the best performers of the continent and a football match showcasing outstanding African football.

 The Africa Report Debates 2018
27 April 2018 | Kigali, Rwanda - http://www.theafricareport.com/TAR-Debates/the-africa-report-debates-2018-kigali.html
 TARDebates lofoUnder the umbrella of the 2018 Ibrahim Governance Weekend, over the weekend of the 27-29th April 2018, The Africa Report Debates offers a unique platform for thought-provoking discussion, giving you an excellent opportunity to be part of the debate with a wide range of VIP guests. Rwanda is a country that ranks amongst the top 10 African countries in terms of good governance in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) .

2-4 May 2018 | Park Plaza, Riverbank, London - https://www.afsic.net
 AFSICAFSIC is one of the most important African investment events held globally. It has a very strong investment focus and is attended by many of the most important global investors investing into Africa and by investors interested in learning more about African investment opportunities. Now in its 6th year AFSIC 2018 will be held in London on 2nd to 4th May 2018. AFSIC focuses on attracting investment into Africa’s financial services sector, and will be attended by financial services companies from across Africa including Banks, Insurance Companies, Microfinance Companies and Leasing Companies, as well as a wide array of Fintech companies and other Financial Services companies developed around a “new economy” model. The structure of AFSIC is specifically designed to provide African companies seeking investment with multiple opportunities to present their company to, and meet with, a very large variety of both debt and equity investors and also dealmakers focused on Africa with a view to attracting inward investment and developing strong and sustainable business relationships with investors.

15-16 May 2018 | Nairobi, Kenya - https://www.globalsmefinanceforum.org/Africa-2018
 SMEFF-LOGO 150X150Join leaders from banks, fintech companies, development finance institutions, and regulators at the Africa SME Finance Forum 2018 on May 15-16 in Nairobi, Kenya.
The conference will focus on how Africa is harnessing innovation to transform traditional banking industry.
Key topics to be covered include supply chain finance, leapfrogging development through innovation, banking on women, innovation in agri-finance, non-financial services, and youth entrepreneurship finance.
The action-packed event will include interactive sessions, study visits to high performing institutions, a B2B marketplace, fintech expos, and ample networking opportunities. Learn more and register before March 15 for $200 early bird discount goo.gl/SFZpKp #SMEFFAfrica18
19-22 June 2018 | Mauritius - http://go.pardot.com/l/339321/2018-02-06/37v71
 eNET AEF2018 BANNERS 150x150  The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa’s power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Twenty years in the running, AEF brings together senior-level representatives from governments, utilities, regulators, power developers, financial institutions, technology providers, consultants, law firms and large energy consumers to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively move the industry forward. AEF has a loyal following of credible players working in the power space, and a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience

African film industry's new lease of life in distribution

The struggle to find a foothold for Africa's film industry, especially Nigeria's Nollywood, the second largest film industry in the world according UNESCO, whilst containing piracy may have finally bore fruit as several African companies devise strategies to outsmart the distribution challenges facing the continent.

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The good, the bad, and the rest in African elections

Former president of the Republic of Congo, Pascal Lissouba once professed that

Until two decades ago football games were the most heated contests in most of Africa. Then came the era of competitive elections. From the beginning, the electoral game topped the charts. And much like football amateurs would tell you about the

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Ghana honours Nkwame Nkrumah

Ghanaians on Wednesday marked founding father Nkwame Nkrumah’s birth with a public holiday.

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Africa now sees a glimmer of hope in its leaders: Kufuor

The old stereotype of Africa as a hopeless continent, whose leaders never seem to relinquish power, is now losing ground, as the continent has made strides and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

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Ethiopia, Egypt resolve dispute over Nile

Ethiopia and Egypt have agreed to jointly assess the impact on the environment likely to be made by the construction of Africa’s largest dam over the Nile River.

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Ethiopia raises US$350 million for mega dam

More than US$ 350 million has been mobilised from various sources in Ethiopia to support the construction of Africa’s biggest dam.

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The fantasy of a one term president in Africa

I’ve been wondering if those declaring Ghana’s President Mills a one term president even before the end of his first term in office absolutely believe what they are saying or whether their comments are more of wishes.

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