Uganda arrests 5 Pakistani rebel suspects

Five Pakistani nationals have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism in Uganda, as the African country continues its fight against terror.

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Renewable energy, Africa's huge potential

 Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International/Photo/GreenpeaceAhead of the June 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development — also known as "Rio+20" — Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International, reflects on a few of the more pressing issues affecting Africa.

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Africa: The slum is a failure of the state - Joan Clos

Joan Clos is the executive director of UN-Habitat and former mayor of Barcelona, Spain/Photo/UN-Habitat/Julius Mwelu Africa's cities are growing very rapidly. By 2050, 1.2 billion people, or 60 per cent of all Africans, will live in urban areas. For the United Nations Human Settlements Programme — known as UN-Habitat  — the challenges are to help Africans to better harness the productive potential of their cities and to cope with the increased demands for municipal services and decent housing.

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African Angles: We need to be united to help Syria

Senior fellow for Middle Eastern affairs to the International Peace Institute, New York, and former Yemeni Ambassador to the UN/Photo/UN PHOTO/RICK BAJORNASThe international community would be able to speak with one voice if Russia played a more constructive role and negotiated an end to the violence.

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Footbal: Racism at the Euros

Michel Platini's response to the risk of racial abuse meted out to players of African origin in the upcoming European championships was disappointing to say the least.

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France Africa relations: Le Grand Divorce?

New French President, François Hollande says he “will break, once and for all, with the out-of-control practices of Françafrique”Informal networks and unscrutinised presidential authority have shaped France's Africa policy for decades. The last time a socialist politician won the presidency...

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Nutrition: Hidden hunger not cured by higher incomes

Photo/ReutersMalnutrition is undermining human development in Africa.

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Ethiopia: Powering ahead 
with a strategy

Photo/ReutersEthiopia aims to become the France of Africa, exporting energy across the region, and hopes to become an oil producer also.

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World Bank urges Africa-Brazil partnership in agricultural development

Thanks to geophysical similarities Brazilian technology should be easily adaptable to many African countries/Photo/ReutersFollowing Brazil's success in agricultural innovations and its geophysical similarities with the African continent, the World Bank is spearheading efforts to enable the South American state to help promote agricultural development in Africa.

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Standard Bank injects capital 
and jobs into Africa

Standard Bank is focusing on organic growth/© HALEY/SIPAAfrica's largest bank plans to hire 3,000-4,000 new staff for its operations 
in sub-Saharan Africa over the next two years.

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Dak'Art meets the Arab Spring

Africa's premier art biennale kicked off on 11 May in Dakar, bringing together artists inspired by the upsurge in people power sparked by the Arab Spring and other citizen-led protests.

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Dak'Art meets the Arab Spring

Katia Kameli’s video (Untitled) was shot in Algiers during the Arab Spring and questions women’s ability to be heard in the Arab world/Photo/KATIA KAMELIAfrica's premier art biennale brought together artists inspired by the upsurge in people power sparked by the Arab Spring and other

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Africa to focus on financial governance

Frannie Leautier, Executive Secretary at the African Capacity Building Foundation, wants Africa to learn from the Greek example/Photo/All Right ReservedA Declaration on Good Financial Governance to tackle African lawmakers' financial illiteracy, blamed for the slowed progress on several policy issues, has been launched at the ongoing AfDB Annual Meeting, and is expected to buttress underfunded oversight institutions across Africa‬.

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Ghana’s 3rd national communication project on climate change underway

Ghana has begun preparation towards its Third National Communication (NC3) project to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the auspices of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP).

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Uganda: Government and church "save" Martyrs Day

Christians from the sub-region walk from their homes to Namugongo shrine (10 kms outside Kamapala, Uganda), where martyrs were burnt to death in 1886/Photo/ReutersMartyrs Day in Uganda, which had been reduced to an alcohol, roasted pork joints and sex market is being returned to its original meaning, with more than 500,000

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Book Review - From Citizen to refugee: Uganda Asians come to Britain

Is there a case to revise the legacy and rule of Idi Amin? Uganda's former military dictator has long existed in the popular imagination as Africa's murderous buffoon.

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Is the corporate investment
 in Africa shared equitably?

Every week sees another investment bank or advisory company extol the virtues of seeking out growth opportunities in Africa. No one turns away investment, but many wonder whether it reaches the broader population.

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Work for the peace party

Few wars are reported as badly as those in Africa. Laziness, stereotyping and misinformation all feed into a medley of calumnies that blame weak journalism on harsh conditions and poor communications.

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of authenticity

In several areas of the artists' colony, the woods were especially thick and populated with deer, snakes and Lyme Disease-spreading ticks. However, the stretch of land between the library and my studio was not one of them. But it was late, dark as a cave, so I asked the young playwright, a slender dreadlocked Chicago man, to walk with me.

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Morocco: The future is 
made-to-order fertiliser - Amar Drissi

Amar Drissi - Executive director for industrial operations, Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP)/Photo/HASSAN OUAZZANI FOR JAMoroccan company, office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) will triple its production 
by 2020, a development that will strengthen its bottom line and commitment to food security, according 
to Amar Drissi, the state-run group's executive director for industrial operations.

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