MDGs: Fine-tuning water and sanitation

Water nears the summit, while sanitation lags at the base camp. 

Though there have been great strides forward in providing clean, safe drinking water for the world's poorest, there is a mountain to climb when it comes to providing proper sanitation in Africa.

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What do the stars earn? - Mathias Kiwanuka

Ugandan Mathias Kiwanuka playing in the NFL for the New York Giants/ photo/ reutersMathias Kiwanuka – $4.024.550

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Dealing with Africa's megacities and mega slums

Johannesburg's Alexandra township/Photo/ReutersAs African cities implode, leaders on the continent are intensifying efforts to address the challenges of urbanization.

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Delving deeper into Nigeria's fuel crisis

Scores of people were up in arms in January 2012 after being stripped of a petrol subsidy/Photo/ReutersMismanagement and corruption are at the heart of the unrest in the Nigeria subsidies crisis.

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A Lebanese fairytale and Africa's first Female president

altSeen as wealthy, exploiters, Chiite Muslims, Christians from the mountain areas, Lebanese expatriates in Africa are still the object of stereotypical images.

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Foreign aid, the great leap backwards

Official Development Assistance (ODA) has fallen as a result of austerity measures in Europe/Photo/ReutersAs austerity measures are multiplied in northern countries, development funding in 2011 has hit rock bottom and affected their pledges.

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Food Safety in Africa: Network of better labs

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition plans to launch the Food Safety Laboratory Network in September/Photo/ReutersPublic Food Safety Laboratories in Africa are chronically underfunded.

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Equity fund targets Africa's 'missing middle'

Summit Development Group's Africa Fund will bring skills and investment to banks and financial institutions and offer loans to unbanked customers

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Negritude: The third man after Cesaire and Senghor

The name of Léon-Gontran Damas is often evoked alongside those of his peers, the Senegalese Léopold Sédar Senghor and Martiniquan Aimé Cesaire/Photo/Ph. Billy Rose/Assemblée nationaleAlbeit less renowned than his friends Cesaire and Senghor, Léon-Gontran Damas remains one of the great poets of the 20th century.

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Africa's premium TV for less

In a previous column, I commented on the rapid changes in direct satellite-to-home TV reception across Africa, thanks to the launch of a number of packages, most of them free of charge. A wind of change is also blowing through the very exclusive world of premium TV "bouquets".

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Mobile phone users in Africa and Middle East get free Wikipedia

In what is being promoted as the first partnership of its kind, millions of mobile phone owners in Africa and the Middle East will soon have free access to Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia.

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AU backs Nigerian minister, Ngozi for World Bank

Okonjo-Iweala spent more than two decades in the World Bank, rising through the ranks to the top management level as managing director/Photo/ReutersThe African Union (AU) Commission on Tuesday threw its weight behind Nigerian Finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's bid for the World Bank's vice presidency saying has a good track record as a development professional.

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Meles Zenawi - Africa is a land of opportunity for global development

Melese Zenawai, Ethiopia's Prime Minister says that Africa needs to invest on infrastructure to make the growth sustainable/Photo/ReutersAfrican Finance ministers on Monday hailed the continent's "healthy economic growth" despite the Eurozone crisis.

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Water, a problematic source in Africa despite abundance

Sub-Saharan countries are performing badly globally, in terms of potable water, despite an abundance of water sources on the continent/Photo/ReutersDespite the abundance of water sources the African continent is still lagging behind when it comes to access to potable water.

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Israel's new ambassador to Ethiopia, an anti-racism alibi?

Belaynesh Zevadia, Israel's new ambassador to Addis Ababa is of Ethiopian descentBy appointing an ambassador of Ethiopian descent to Addis-Ababa, Israel has sent a strong message to its black community.

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Why is establishing the Arctic as common heritage so important?

In this column, duly entitled, The dogs, the poles, the thieves and their detractors: why is establishing the Arctic as common heritage so important? Sarah Bracking delves into the dangers of market capitalism and the push for new oil frontiers in the Arctic. She points out that under the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea Treaty in force from 1994, all mineral and exploration rights extend 200 nautical miles off a coastline, or more if it is continental shelf, and if this were applied the status of ownership in the Arctic is in question. So why is this important to readers in Africa?

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Ethiopia upgrades Africa's biggest dam

Map of EthiopiaEthiopia on Monday said it plans to upgrade the electricity generating capacity of Africa's biggest dam project after revising designs.

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Agribusiness: Make our garden grow

photo/ reutersProducers of consumer staples count on the growing middle classes, but worry about rising input prices and the impact of governmental agricultural policies.

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South Africa establishes ties with Somalia, calls for release of hostages

International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane has signed an agreement with her Somali counterpart for the establishment of diplomatic relations with Somalia/Photo/ReutersAfrica's economic powerhouse, South Africa has established diplomatic ties with Somalia and pledged millions to help the troubled Horn of Africa country.

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Mauritania leads war on Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Africa

Al-Qaeda In Islamic Maghreb AQIM plans to build a strong Islamic control across Africa for JihadistsThe war on Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Africa has been waged by the governments of Mauritanian and Algeria, following reports that the extreme Islamist group plans to build strong control across Africa.

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