Africa Company Outlook: turbulence

altAfrican companies avoided the worst of the 2008 financial crisis. Now they are preparing to fend off commodity-price fluctuations and the impact of the European debt crisis.

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Six African states among top 2011 MDGs performers

The 2011 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) report placed six African countries among the top ranking performers.

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Israel Joins Nigeria to fight Boko Haram

Map of NigeriaIsrael has offered to give Nigeria technical assistance in combating terrorist activities by the Islamist group Boko Haram.

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Ghana marks 55th Independence Anniversary

President John Atta-Mills has promised peaceful elections in GhanaGhana on Tuesday observed its 55th Independence anniversary with President John Atta Mills reassuring his government's commitment to put up all precautionary measures to ensure peaceful elections December.

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Tweeting all over Africa

Twitter came of age in Africa in 2011, according to a study by Portland Communications and Tweetminster of geo-located tweets from the continent.

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Ghana goes to Asia: Ankara, Guangdong missions open

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul accompanied by a 100 member business delegation visited Ghana in March, 2011/Photo/ReutersGhana's is set to open a new diplomatic mission in Ankara, Turkey and a consulate-general in Guanghou, the provincial capital of Guangdong in China.

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Wikileaks and Stratfor: Sex, intrigue and a bit of vengeance

It's no secret that Wikileaks has begun a five million email dump disclosing intelligence reports exchanged between Texas-based "geopolitical analyst" firm Stratfor and its clients globally.

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Money Transfers: Reducing the high costs

Photo/ReutersRemittances from migrants to their countries of origin increased from US$248 billion to US$363.5 billion between 2010 and 2011.

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Book review: Fighting for Britain

In Fighting for Britain historian David Killingray narrates the journey of the 450,000 African soldiers who fought for Britain during World War II.

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Africa: Acting before it’s too late

Liberian polling staff prepare ballots before inviting citizens into a polling station to vote in their country’s constitutional referendum, in Monrovia/UN Photo/Staton WinterThe Peer Review Mechanism is opening avenues for citizen engagement all over Africa

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Interview: Lu Shaye, Chinese Foreign Ministry

altLu Shaye, Director General of the Department of African Affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, answers The Africa Report  about the Libyan intervention, working conditions for Chinese workers in Africa, and food security. 

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DEG and GfK promote market research in Africa

DEG and GfK promote market research in Africa 

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How do you say 'Good Morning Africa' in Chinese?

China has embarked on a media battle at a time when other international news channels are cutting back on costs/Photo/Sven Torfinn/PANOS-REAChinese investments in Africa are now spreading to the media industry. The country's aggressive  media expansion highlights a change in Chinese media policy...

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APR Energy Announces Extension of Projects in Botswana and Burkina Faso

JACKSONVILLE, FL – APR Energy (APR) recently signed extension agreements with two of its major customers in Africa, the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) and the national utility of Burkina Faso, SONABEL. 

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New Tourism Initiative ready to tackle Africa´s tourism problems

The African Tourism Promotion Initiative (ATPI)-Destination Africa held a meeting at Fitur on 20 January 2012 and all members were clear that the initiative must now be formalised into an institution with a proper constitutional framework.


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Ethiopian investor unveils 3 b/n dollar investment

A Saudi investor has rolled out a US$3 billion investment scheme to be carried out over the next three years in Ethiopia.

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Black History Month: Dudley Thompson, When Jamaica meets Africa


Entering the seond week of Black History Month in a celebration of influential black people across the globe, Lindsay Barrett pays tribute to Dudley Thompson. A Jamaican Pan-Africanist who throughout his career strived to strengthen the links between Africa and the Caribbean.

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Economic planning for uncertain times - Donald Kaberuka

Donald Kaberuka - President of The African Development BankBusiness confidence in Europe's leading economies is at its lowest level since 2000. The prospects for 2012 are even bleaker, with growth forecast at barely above 1 per cent.

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Africa: Fast internet is coming!

Construction of two new submarine cables will mark an important step in the development of internet infrastructure in West Africa. But all the barriers to its general distribution are far from being removed.

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HIV/AIDS: Africa is too dependent

Nepad says that Africa needs to generate its own revenue to tackle the HIV/AIDS scourge/Photo/ReutersAfrica is too dependent on external resources, especially for the Aids response and this must change, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, told the continent's leaders at the AU summit at Addis Ababa.

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