Addis Ababa (Part Three)

After Kampala, Shauna's humanitarian work takes her on another adventure to a Horn of Africa country, where, despite a recent media blitz over its food crisis, she finds herself eating sauce with truffles. In this three part series, Shauna visits Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, where she is accused of lèse majesty within diplomatic circles and discovers the taxi driving world of male chauvinists. But unlike Sophie, her colleague, she finds beauty.

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UN chief seeks Sudan oil dispute solution

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon urged has urged Sudan and South Sudan to find a lasting solution to their dispute over the sharing of oil to help bring peace.

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With love from Museveni to Kagame and Nguema

Museveni says he has achieved a lot since he came to power 26 years ago/Photo/ReutersUgandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has given medals to Equatorial Guinea strongman Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasago and Rwandan leader Paul Kagame for helping him seize power in 1986.

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CODESRIA ranked among the five best think tanks in Africa ...

... And the top 30 international development think tanks in the world

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African economic growth halves in 2011

Janneh says that political developments will impact on Africa’s growth prospectsEconomic Growth in Africa fell by almost half in 2011 compared to the growth registered in the previous year.

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A new world order on hold

The diplomatic power of emerging states - China, India, Brazil and Russia - is yet to match their economic weight

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Should donors rethink aid to states that persecute gay people?

In recent months, both the UK and US have raised the issue of aid being used to leverage countries to improve human rights, particularly for homosexuals. We asked representatives from both side of the debate to have their say. Join in the discussion.

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Towards zero malaria deaths in Ghana

Experts argue that it is possible for Ghana to eradicate malaria since countries like the United Arab Emirates and Morocco have succeeded in doing so/Photo/ReutersAlthough Ghana's road towards achieving a near zero death rate from and elimination of malaria by the year 2015 under the MDGs appears to be a long and winding one, a local health expert believes it is still possible.

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Mobile phone banking and remittances: An African boom

Mobile money transactions offer banks a way to reach people in rural markets without the expense of building new branch offices/Photo/ReutersIncreasing collaboration between banks and telecommunications companies in Africa is making life easier for many people who now transact banking through their mobile phones

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Big plans for Nigeria's Slot Systems - Nnamdi Ezeigbo

Nnamdi Ezeigbo, Chief executive of Slot Systems/Photo/PhotographerNnamdi Ezeigbo, Chief executive of Slot Systems talks to The Africa Report about his company's challenges and successes. He also reveals his intention to open new stores across Nigeria as part of Slot Systems' expansion plans. "In the next five years, we're talking about going to other parts of Africa, not just Nigeria" says Ezeigbo.

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Senegal: Paranoia and pandemonium for a third term?

Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade, elected into office in 2000 is seeking a third term/Photo/ReutersAfrica's many entrenched presidents should learn lessons lost on recently deposed Arab tyrants as the Arab spring moves into another season.

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Technology: Gadgets designed in Brazzaville

VMK is claiming to be the first African company to have designed a tablet computer/Photo/VMKAfrican tablets hit the shelvesA Congolese company has designed Africa's first tablet, but it will face stiff competition from market leaders and in finding Africans who can afford it

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Private equity, hedge funds: The untouchables!

The crisis drama deepens: creditors' pressure on governments increases austerity policies that increase mass opposition that frightens creditors who increase their pressure on governments - Wolf/ Photo/ReutersPrivate equity and hedge funds: you, your children and your environments are not our problem - anywhere!

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An indestructible business plan for Paramount Group

Paramount’s all-African reconnaissance light aircraft/Photo/Paramount GroupThe South African defence manufacturer has its sights set on Africa, the Middle East and Asia

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Obesity gains ground in Africa

Obesity levels have doubled worldwide in the past 30 years/Photo/ReutersObesity levels have almost doubled in the past 30 years, with more than 500 million people affected worldwide, the Lancet Medical Journal reported in August.

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Message in a container - António Ole

António Ole's recent solo exhibition was an installation of a film projection on water inside two shipping containers/Photo/EMILIE GOUBANDThe acclaimed Angolan artist uses a variety of media to explore African natural and urban environments, highlighting what links and separates the people who live in...

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Africa: Why Francophones are lagging behind Anglophones

The CFA franc is the common currency among French-speaking countries in both West and Central Africa/Photo/ReutersLack of infrastructure, a poor corporate culture and bad governance. French-speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are, in recent years...

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Global economy: Everybody is nervous - Ken Ofori-Atta

Ken Ofori-Atta, CEO of Databank says we may be at the beginning of establishing a more robust and sustained investment regime in our capital markets/Photo/All Rights ReservedKen Ofori-Atta, 
Executive chairman of 
Databank Financial Services based in Ghana, says that although "everybody is nervous" to a certain extent about the state

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Telecoms: Smart money is on Smart phones

Connecting a new generation to the web, the smartphone market is predicted to double in Africa over the next two years/Photo/JACOB SILBERBERG/PANOS-REANokia, Research in Motion and Huawei are competing for bigger stakes in the African handset market while mobile operators offer inexpensive package services to tap

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Ghana: Motifs for Survival

Africa's jewel-coloured 'wax' fabrics are still 
hugely popular, but the illegal trade in cheap counterfeits from Asia is eating away at local production. One Hong

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