Book ends and new beginnings in Publishing

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Funding problems and shifting global tastes are prompting the continent's writers to forge African collaborations again

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All Change Please: Africa's long Summer


Uganda’s ‘walk to work’ activists make their point on the barricades of a Kampala suburb/MARC HOFER/AFPCalls for political change have swept from Egypt to Uganda and Angola, as young urban activists demand education, jobs and freedom

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Book: Lifeblood

How to Change the World One Dead Mosquito at a Time, by Alex Perry Hurst.

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Diaspora Christmas

Come December the year folds its wings like a great, tired bird, and they return home for Christmas.

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Israel: Africans should leave!

A temporary welcome centre for asylum seekers in Tel-Aviv, Israel/Photo/Backyard-REATel-Aviv is adopting a series of measures to put an end to the infiltration of Africans fleeing war and poverty.

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Africa: Fighting that negative image

In July 2001, African leaders adopted the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), the road map for the continent's development. Since its adoption a decade ago, how much has the plan achieved? In a frank, plain-talking interview, Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, CEO of the NEPAD and head of Africa's partnership initiative, says a lot has been achieved, contrary to what most western media claim.

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Fatou Bensouda: The victims are African

Fatou Bensouda says ICC should be given the opportunity to work on its current mandate/Photo/ReutersBreaking all the barriers, the International Criminal Court's next Chief Prosecutor is both the first woman and the first African.

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Gay rights and aid: Africa's new challenge

When US secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed gay rights in Geneva by using it as a basis for American policy on aid and political asylum, she joined a clarion call from the West asking African states to alter local legislation pertaining to homosexuality.

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Building up skills, Building up economies

Senegal is stepping up its education of future cadres with a new mathematical sciences institute. IBM is also to set up technology institutes across the continent/Photo/MEIGNEUX/SIPAThe lack of students being educated at tertiary level to meet African demand for skilled workers means that economic growth will be slowed as leading sectors struggle to find local talent

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HIV/AIDS: The tears that God counted

HIV-Aids is the scourge that maimed Africa leaving in its wake millions in throes of perdition.

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Maya Angelou's meeting with Africa

Angelou says that in Ghana, African Americans were simply free men and women

One of the greatest civil rights icons of our time, Maya Angelou, recounts the African stage of her path in the fifth volume of her autobiography.

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Piling on the pressure for Transparency in 2012

The global civil society organisation Transparency International has included bribes from one company to another in their annual Bribe Payers Index, which ranks 28 advanced countries by how well they behave abroad.

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Europe is Burning, Should Africa care?

Analysts worry about the effect of instability in the EU, but many point to the strength of local African demandAfrican governments are struggling to shield themselves from the economic storms in the West and the slowdown in China's economy. After the 2008 crisis, Africa's economies bounced back within a year. Can they repeat that trick as gloom deepens in Europe and the US?

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Ethiopia, Kenya thrash power deal

Ethiopia and Kenya will construct more than 1,000 kilometer power interconnection lines/Photo/ReutersEthiopia is preparing to start supplying Kenya with 400 megawatts (MW) of electricity a by late 2015 as it forges ahead with efforts to make it one of Africa's biggest power suppliers.

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Africa: 3G, 4G and the speed of evolution

LTE will be most pertinent in high-density urban areas where users want high-speed connections/Photo/ReutersCompanies are taking the lead in introducing new technologies, but regulators are lagging far behind the pace of technological change

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Kenya's social media to the rescue

With more about $70m in the kitty, Kenyans show the rest of Africa how to use social media platforms to mobilise for a social cause

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Climate Change: Blind Climate Negotiatiors

In this extract from his book, To Cook A Continent, Nnimmo Bassey argues that climate negotiations, from Durban in late 2011 onwards, will increasingly confront the issue of climate justice.

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Mugabe mocks Gaddafi

Mugabe says Gaddafi made no investments in Zimbabwe except four camels/Photo/ReutersPresident Robert Mugabe on Thursday mocked the fallen Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi saying he invested heavily in Western capitals but only doled out camels in Africa.

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Liberia under a Nobel Peace Laureate

President of Liberia, Elle Johnson Sirleaf/Photo/JANE HAHN/THE NEW YORK TIMES-REDUX-REAJust weeks after the cinema release of The Lady, a portrait of Burma's iconic opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, Hollywood directors could soon be turning their lens to another female political pioneer.  

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Malaria: Trying To Tame A Killer

Malawi’s tropical rainforests is a perfect breeding ground for the deadly anopheles mosquito/Photo/ReutersIf seven Boeing 747s full of children crashed into a mountain every day, would the world take measures to prevent it? That was the grim analogy offered by Tanzania's leading malaria researcher Wen Kilama, several years ago. If you did the maths, that would account for nearly 3,000 children killed each day by malaria – over a million deaths each year in Africa.

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