Africa's free TV channel boom

Not so long ago, receiving quality TV in Africa meant subscribing to DStv, a very expensive multi-channel package from South Africa. A large satellite dish (over 2 meter wide) and pricy decoders were also needed.

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Uganda: Elephants on rampage, oil firm blamed

Murchison Falls National Park is Africa's seventh largest in size and visitation accounts for some 1400 elephants/Photo/ReutersMore than 1,000 homesteads have had their crops destroyed after hundreds of elephants from Uganda's largest national game reserve, Murchison Falls National Park, broke out of their habitat.

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Mobile Money: Playing M-PESA catch up

Nigerian regulators have licensed banks to lead the mobile money roll-out by pairing up with a telecom operator/Photo/ReutersNo other African country has yet managed to replicate the success of Safaricom's M-PESA system in Kenya, soon to hit 15 million users.

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Music Releases: Sia Tolno, BLNRB, Bambara Mystic Soul, Various Artists

My Life
-Sia TolnoMusic releases feature a round-up of some of the best albums from the African continent, including From the Kasbah/Tunis to Tahrir Square, My Life, Welcome to the Madhouse, The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974–1979

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Mix tape for Black Tuesday

altSouth African DJ Mo Laudi has created an exclusive mix tape to mourn the passing of a new secrecy bill in parliament last Tuesday.

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Homo Urbanus Africanus and Change

The Plateau district of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire/Photo/ReutersIn 1950, there were 20 million city dwellers in Africa. Today the number has gone up to 400 million and in 2050 it is projected that there will be more than a billion people.

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Debt helps the world go round

Homestrings plans to create new plat- forms to allow Africans living abroad to create a fund portfolio or invest directly in public-private partnerships/Photo/ReutersAfrican treasuries may be proud they are not facing such high mountains of it as their counterparts in Washington DC and Athens, but with blueprints for much-needed infrastructure projects burning holes in ministers' in-trays, they too are hungry for more debt. 

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Hannibal - How not to do a single currency

Europe’s troubles underline the dif- ficulties of running a currency union in a multiple-speed economic area/Photo/ReutersThe unravelling of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime has given European leaders a fair number of reasons to sweat over their once close relations with the former Libyan government.

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EU/Southern Africa: Endgame nears in EPA trade negotiations

African countries have been reluctant to sign the European Union's EPAs, which target six regional groups of former European colonies/Photo/ReutersTrade negotiations between the European Union and Southern African countries to create regional Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are picking up pace.

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Helios: A Continental Focus on Investment

In February this year, Helios and Vitol bought an 80% share in Shell’s oil products, distribution and retailing businesses in 14 African countries. The private equity group is effectively selling petrol direct to consumers/Photo/ReutersThe Africa-focused private equity firm, Helios Investment Partners, founded by two Nigerian investors is a leading force in financing deals that give companies a continental focus

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Africa sets Climate agenda for Durban

Africa wants developed countries to reduce their emissions by at least 95 percent by 2050/Photo/ReutersAhead of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change summit in Durban from 28 November to 9 December, Africa is keen to take advantage of its host status to forge a binding international agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

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Anansi: Economic contagion, political reflexes

There is more money in the system, but there is also more inequality/Photo/ReutersThe spectre of mass protest is haunting Africa even as the rest of the world praises the continent's economic successes. That gap between foreign plaudits and local realities is the stuff of Africa's politics. Statisticians see GDP growth trends and 30 percent returns on investments, while civic activists see sharpening inequalities and mass unemployment.

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Liberia: Sirleaf does not want Africa to return to the men's club

President of Liberia, Elle Johnson Sirleaf/Photo/JANE HAHN/THE NEW YORK TIMES-REDUX-REAThe first female president of an African country, elected in 2005, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf remains a lone trailblazer.

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Idit Miller, EMRC VP: Africa needs more regional collaboration

Idit Miller, EMRC International Vice President and founding member, speaks to The Africa Report about how the business of agriculture must be carried through by Africa's small scale farmers, if it is to be successful, and why the private sector and governments must wake up to this reality.

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Addis Ababa: Africa prepares for Climate Change meet in Durban

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the CAHOSCC coordinator, was re-elected as a spokesperson for Africa on climate issuesAfrica hopes to make significant gains from the forthcoming world climate change conference to be held in a few weeks' time in Durban, South Africa.

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Nigeria to venture into nuclear technology to boost energy sector

Photo/ ReutersNigeria says it is considering venturing into nuclear energy generation to supplement its electricity supply after developing the requisite manpower and a strong safety structure.

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General Motors Africa: Revving up the regions

GM Africa's president, Edgar Lourencon since 2009 
has big ideas for expanding distribution continent-wide. Interview

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Ibrahim index points finger at status quo

The biggest story to come out of the 2011 Mo Ibrahim African Governance Index was the lack of real change across most of Africa in the past five years.

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Germany: Crisis tests commitment

Merkel’stimeisincreasing- ly taken up by crisis meetings on how much Germany will have to commit to shore up the eurozone and its faltering banks/Photo/reutersWhile the government is contributing to the resolution of the European banking and debt crises, the electoral stakes are getting higher and higher

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Road Traffic Accidents Cost Africa US$10 billion

Road carnage imposes huge economic costs – constituting about 1-3 percent of GDP in most countries/ Photo/ reutersRoad traffic accidents cost Africa US$ 10 billion annually and remain the second leading cause of death for the 5-44 age-groups around Africa, a report revealed on Thursday.

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