Nigeria's Corruption Clampdown

Map f NigeriaAs in the United States, state governors in Africa's most populous country are hugely influential.

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Nigeria to benefit from G20 Agricultural initiatives

Nigeria is one of seven non-G20 countries that will benefit from two new agricultural initiatives/Photo/ReutersNigeria is one of many African countries expected to benefit from two new agricultural initiatives being offered by the G20, a grouping of the world's wealthiest nations.

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Finance: A bank that sets standards

Standard Bank is selling off some of its extra-continental assets in order to raise funds for an African expansion

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Red Tape, Bureaucracy, Life and Death

Red tape and bureaucracy, while some say are part of life and the "official way", can literally bridge the divide between life and death in the Horn of Africa.

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Libya: Smuggling War as Human Rights?

When one of Africa's longest standing dictators, oil-rich Gabon's Omar Bongo, finally took leave of his political throne, a grieving US President said, "President Bongo played a key role in developing and shaping the strong bilateral relationship that exists between Gabon and the United States today."

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HIV-AIDS: The Other Threat

After 30 years and over 20 million deaths in Africa alone, US researchers report that early treatment of people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that leads to AIDS cuts transmission of the disease by over 96 per cent.

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Kagame: You can't overlook ordinary people

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda/Photo/Vincent Fournier for JARwanda's president says that leaders need to understand the pressures each society experiences, or risk ending up on the wrong side of history

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Construction: Building Africa's Future

African companies are finding it tough to compete and stay profitable with Asian competition /Photo/DESIREY MINKOHAs the global economy restarts its upward trend and African governments continue to create ambitious development plans, there will be more room for companies both foreign and domestic in Africa's construction market

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Ethiopia: Calls for an African green economy at Addis meet

Activists attending the annual Conference of African Ministers responsible for Finance and the Economy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia have called for concrete steps to be taken to ensure the green economy becomes a reality for the continent.

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Cape Town: First African City awarded World Design Capital Title

The Cape Town Waterfront with Lion's Head and Table Mountain in the background/ Photo/ David J. BlancIn a first for Africa, Cape Town has been named the prestigious World Design Capital for the year 2014, beating off competition from Bilboa in Spain and Dublin in Ireland.

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Africa's new look: glossy and glamorous

Nigeria’s SleekWeekly and Kenya’s True Love serve the growing middle classHigher levels of consumer spending mean that publishers in Africa's biggest markets feel that the time is right to target the African lifestyle sector

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African Banks: Fitter, faster, more profitable

JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE/FEDEPHOTOBanks in Africa's most competitive environments are streamlining their operations, shoring up their procedures and training their employees to adapt to changing local and international environments

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Should Africa spend money on high-speed train lines?

French president Nicolas Sarkozy travelled to Morocco in late September as construction began on a new high-speed line linking Casablanca with Rabat and Tangiers. Businessmen and politicians want to know if it is a step in the right direction or a white elephant.

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Uganda: Warnings and Ultimatums for Museveni after Gaddafi death

Photo/ReutersUgandans have urged President Yoweri Museveni to learn a lesson the recently fallen former Libya strongman Colonel Gaddafi's brutal death and resist the temptation to overstay in power.

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Can Africa tame the traders?


The world's biggest commodity conglomerates are stalking Africa – this time as producers as well as traders.

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When Paul Kagame calls Gaddafi a "monster"


The Africa Report early this month spoke to Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda about Western countries' decision to intervene in Libya on the side of rebels fighting the late strongman Muammar Gaddafi after hob knobbing with him for some time.

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Liberia presidential runoff poll: Infamous warlord returns

Former Liberian warlord Prince Johnson has declared his support for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the forthcoming presidential election run-off poll.

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Fanfare missing from All-Africa Games

Many of the big names in African sport were missing from the All-Africa Games when they began in Maputo on 3 September.

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Mauritius weathers economic crisis through innovation


More than just a charming location, Mauritius is hoping to channel African FDI

Hosting one of Africa's most advanced stock exchanges, Mauritius is becoming an investment hub for the region

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Mozambique remembers liberator Samora Machel

African dignitaries are in Mozambique for the 25th anniversary of the Southern African country's founding leader Samora Machel.

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