Investing in food processing

altEnsuring that Africa can build indigenous food-processing capacity will reduce food security concerns and help create flourishing local companies      

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Producing the cream of the crop

altCheap technological advances, new mapping techniques and specialised corridors are taking African producers even closer to a revolution in agricultural productivity   

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Top 500 African companies: A pause on the way up

Growth in domestic consumption carried ?African companies ?through the financial ?crisis, while lesser-known firms are receiving more attention from global investors   

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Palm oil: You reap what you sow

Palmci kickstarted the operations of a joint venture with two Singaporean firms, Wilmar and Olam, in 2008/Photo/All Rights ReservedWith Southeast Asian plantations reaching export capacity, Singaporean oil companies are entering into partnerships with African firms, bringing welcome expertise but some controversial production techniques.

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This month... Agribusiness

altWe focus on agribusiness, where brewers and producers were helped by a soft landing for soft commodities.  

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Sierra Leone: Green pastures for biofuels

The lease of rural land by European oil companies may encourage the use of clean and renewable energy but requires careful negotiation with the government and local landowners


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Agribusiness: Good news and market realism

ghana agribusinessPrices paid to farmers are rising and production growing steadily 


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Morocco: In search of even greener pastures

Agriculture and agribusiness already play a large role in the country’s GDP and employment, but a new plan could make the industry into one of Morocco’s most dynamic sectors


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Agriculture: A new class of farmer

tobaccoOutput of Southern Africa’s former breadbasket has nose-dived, but getting seeds, fertiliser and equipment into the hands of Zimbabwe’s farmers will restart the rattled economy

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'Agrologistics' at home and abroad


AgribusinessFocusing on satisfying local markets rather than foreign demand may be the best way to start the virtuous circle that farmers need in order to expand.


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