Cameroon: Hunger, anger and fear

Photos© Xinhua news agencyFresh Boko Haram attacks in the north exacerbate food insecurity

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Austerity: Keeping growth on track

Photos© Pan Siwei/Xinhua Press/CorbisWith Western governments wary of committing more money to aid, African states are left looking for other sources of finance for their development

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Aid vs Lower oil prices, Egypt's conundrum

The fall in global oil prices will cut Egypt's fuel subsidy bill but could hit the finances of oil-exporting Gulf allies who have showered it with billions of dollars in aid.

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Mali and IMF: agreement reached to revive aid after row over spending

Photo@maligasstationThe International Monetary Fund has reached an agreement with Mali that could restart aid to the West African nation after it was suspended by IMF and the World Bank earlier this year, a head of mission to the country said today.

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Unwelcome aid in Mozambique

Lethal yellowing is a phytoplasma disease carried by a plant-hopper insect that lays its eggs in grasses and green ground coverA US government development outfit continues the trend of mispent aid with a highly criticised $18 million project in Mozambique.

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Armed refugees in South Sudan cause scare

Displaced people living in some camps in South Sudan say they feel insecure because some fellow refugees are armed.

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Brazil, Africa's growing star

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and South African President Jacob Zuma/Photo/ReutersThe increase in Brazilian aid and investment in Africa has seen a rise in economy boosting projects in Mozambique, Kenya, and Angola from the South American giant.


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EU and other partners to improve Ghana's water quality

altThe European Union is leading other development partners in improving Ghana's water quality and safety in the next three years following the implementation of a capacity building project in quality monitoring and surveillance.

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Should donors rethink aid to states that persecute gay people?

In recent months, both the UK and US have raised the issue of aid being used to leverage countries to improve human rights, particularly for homosexuals. We asked representatives from both side of the debate to have their say. Join in the discussion.

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Gay rights and aid: Africa's new challenge

When US secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed gay rights in Geneva by using it as a basis for American policy on aid and political asylum, she joined a clarion call from the West asking African states to alter local legislation pertaining to homosexuality.

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Nigeria, US clash over gays

Map of NigeriaNigeria is set to be one of the countries that will be at the receiving of the United States policy seeking to punish countries that outlaw homosexuality by withholding aid.

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Ghana: Women religious groups to fight homosexuality

UK Prime Minister's threat to withhold aid to governments who do not respect the rights of homosexuals at the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth, Australia has triggered a backlash of anger among women in Ghana.

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UK/Africa: The ties that bind us

Whitehall’s Africa corps is under pressure to meet its aid commitments in the wake of the financial crisis. But with ‘trade’ the new ‘aid’, what is current Africa policy and who really is in charge?

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Ghanaian economist warns against aid dependency

African countries must stop relying on aid since it has not transformed their economies, a senior economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs in Ghana has said.

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Cameron, Jonathan pledge to open up trade

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and British Prime Minister David Cameron have made a joint pledge to promote trade and enterprise as a way of changing African people’s lives without relying on aid.

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AID and Donor Dollars

??Annual telling-off time for aid donors came round again in April when the latest figures were published on overseas development assistance (ODA).

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Fallacy of 'freedom': USAID and neoliberal policy in Egypt

Academic Jason Hickel argues that US aid to Egypt focused on privatisation, benefiting the rich and marginalising the poor      

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In the spotlight: Dambisa Moyo

The Zambian author turns her sights from the international aid industry to how the West has lost its economic prerogative to rising powers across the globe    

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Tax havens: Paradise lost

Abolishing tax havens would put hundreds of billions of dollars back into developing nations – but African and OECD states are slow ?to end the practices that allow them to flourish  

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Tony Blair on why aid to Africa is necessary but insufficient

From interventions in the aid debate to the work of the African Governance Initiative, ?Britain's former prime minister has not forgotten his commitment to the continent ?and is now focusing on programmes that build capacity

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