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Kenya: Big questions remain unanswered on Westgate massacre

Sources say they warned the National Intelligence Service that an attack was probable. Photo©ReutersKenyans want to know about failures that allowed terrorists to kill more than 60 people in the attack.

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South Africa reveals Al-Shabaab project after Kenya

South African newspaper reports suggest that al-shabaab could might have used the country to plan the Nairobi mall attack. Photo©ReutersSouth Africa's lead police investigating unit, the Hawks, say they are "aware of the activities of Somali militant group al-Shabab" and had a special project monitoring the group's activities in the country for over a year.

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Kenya's economy seen resilient to mall attack, tourism apart

Security worries are nothing new in Kenya and so the country is unlikely to see long-term investors pull money out after the deadly attack on a Nairobi shopping mall, analysts say.

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Peacekeeping is not enough - Ethiopian PM, Hailemariam Desalegn

Hailemariam Desalegn Prime Minister, Ethiopia/Photo©BRUNO LEVY FOR TheAfricaReportWearing twin hats as AU Assembly chair and Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariam expounds his views on resolution of the conflict in Mali as well as his country's economic plans.

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Ethiopia's homeless Prime Minister

Sometimes we Ethiopians like to boast. The first in everything! The cradle of mankind. The first bare foot runner to win the marathon...

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Political pieces in the East and Horn of African jigsaw

Map of East and Horn of AfricaOil, electricity and agriculture are set to transform East Africa over the next decade. And in the regional jigsaw, politics, economics and security will fit together more tightly.


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Kenya's Mombasa Republican Council
: The Coast calls for freedom

16 MRC members were in court in October 2011 for administering oaths to the banned organisation/LABAN WALLOGAA rapidly growing civil society movement is championing the disinherited indigenous people of the Coast and demanding secession.

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Somalia Telecoms:
 Cashless doesn't mean broke

The money transfer system is used by shops, hotels, market stalls – and even qat sellers/Photo/Mark AndersonSomaliland's mobile money-transfer system, Zaad, has gained hundreds 
of thousands of customers, bringing convenience to a territory that lacks 
a formal banking system, but not potential customers

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On the African Union offensive

altFrom the battle lines in Somalia where troops from five East African countries are pushing back the Al-Shabaab, but with little prospect of a political settlement.

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The dangers of carving up Somalia

 altThere is an unprecedented build-up of military force in Somalia. African Union peacekeepers are set to double to more than 17,000 while Kenya and Ethiopia...

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Somalia, Kenya in 2012: Regional war, National elections

Security forces were on heightened alert due to the risk of Al Shabaab attacks/Photo/reutersKenya's invasion of Somalia was not a divisive political topic from the outset, but elections loom in December 2012

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Experts at Congressional Hearing Warn of Threat to U.S. from Nigeria-Based Boko Haram, Link to AQIM

Experts at Congressional Hearing Warn of Threat to U.S. from Nigeria-Based Boko Haram, Link to AQIM

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Somalia: Looking for a foothold

An injured man is carried from the scene of the suicide bombing on 4 October/OMAR FARUK/REUTERSAfrican Union forces argue that they could soon control all of Mogadishu, but Islamic militants Al Shabaab may just be regrouping 

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Kenya: Writers call Somali offensive a 'bout of blood-thirst' and say all Kenyans will pay

We, the undersigned, register, in the strongest terms, our opposition to Kenya's military incursion into Somalia.

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WikiLeaks: Journalist forced to flee Ethiopia

An Ethiopian journalist, Argaw Ashine, has been forced to flee the Horn of Africa country after his name appeared in a leaked United States diplomatic cable, an international media watchdog said on Thursday.

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AMISOM frees 41 Al Shabaab civilian detainees

The African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Thursday said its peacekeeping forces together with those of Somalia undertook a military operation against Al Shabab in Mogadishu, which resulted in the release of 41 civilian detainees held by the Islamist group.

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Ethiopia and UN accuse Eritrea of backing Al Shabaab

Ethiopia and the UN on Thursday accused Eritrea of supporting Al Shabaab. Eritrea's embassy in Kenya is believed to be providing monthly payments of around US$ 80,000 to help the terrorist group.

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Ethiopia, Uganda in pact to help South Sudan, Somalia

Ethiopia and Uganda have set up a joint ministerial commission aimed at supporting the new state of South Sudan and expanding joint security activities in volatile Somalia.

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East Africa: Banging war drums in the Horn

Jerry John Rawlings, former president of Ghana and the African Union’s special envoy to Somalia, argued in May that the revolutions in North Africa offer a chance to undermine Somalia’s Islamist insurgents, Al-Shabaab.

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Country Profile: SOMALIA

Flag SomaliaFragile government faces deadline
Instability in the Horn of Africa will continue as neither the AU-backed transitional government nor the Islamist Al Shabaab rebels have the support and resources to win a decisive military victory.

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