Art: Ethiopia's capital listening

A visitor to AFA contemplates Workneh Bezu’s ethereal Angel Series I, part of ‘Addis Calling’. Photo©AFAA gallery has carved out its space in the changing Ethiopian capital and has ambitions as lofty as the cranes on the skyline for a new generation of artists.

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Art beyond the gallery walls

Fabrice Monteiro’s The Prophecy was a highlight of Lagos Photo in biennale boom year 2015Okwui Enwezor was the name on everyone's lips in 2015 as he became the first African to curate the Venice Biennale.

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Education: Come fly with me, in and out of Egypt

Photos© SarfaniLocal organisations In Cairo have taken it into their own hands to promote diversity and stimulate young minds

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Connected: The next generation

Photos© Desire ClarkeIn August Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets brought their 89plus roadshow to Africa for an exhilarating week of encounters with artists in the digital age

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Port Louis: A crucible of culture

Photos© Willy's Pictures/ Ullstein Bild via Getty ImagesMauritius is great for relaxing, but to feel the heartbeat and bustle of this island trading nation don't miss Port Louis

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Day in the life: Home brew

Photos© Marc Shoul for TARAt House of Baobab in Johannesburg, Senegalese-born Talla Niang stirs up a melting-pot of tastes, sounds and arts to spread pride in African culture

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Art In a sinking city, Africa shines

Clockwise: Wangechi Mutu; Sammy Baloji in front of The Other Memorial; Okwui Enwezor Not without controversy, Okwui Enwezor's Venice Biennale has focused the art world on African talent and challenges artists to "speak their truth".

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Trend hunter: A tattoo in Cairo

Photo©Razan Alzayani/AP/SIPAAlthough tattoos have long been popular among Copts – a small cross on the palm or wrist is common – they are still frowned upon by conservative Muslims.

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Art: Walls without walls

Mehdi Ben Cheikh founder, Galerie Itinerrance, Paris. JOEL SAGET/AFPThe French-tunisian gallery owner goes streetside in Djerba to hit the moving target of art's new talent.

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Art: Africa's time is now

Romuald Hazoumè’s Rat-Singer. Second to God at the Art14 fair in London. Photo©Luigi Petro/Demotix/CorbisWhile the Saatchi Gallery and Bonhams bring some of the finest African contemporary art to London this month, collecting fervor has also gripped the continent itself.

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Diaspora : New York hosts Africa Central

Photo©BFA NYCMo Ibrahim and others are building an intellectual and cultural home for Africa in the heart of Manhattan.

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Saro: Nigeria's own Broadway-type musicals born in Lagos

The success of Saro suggests a brighter future for Nigerian theatre after it received resounding reviewsNigeria's first Broadway style musical production has opened in the country's economic capital, Lagos.

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Trend hunter at a Ghanaian funeral: Family and friends take one last dance

Screen-shot©YoutubeGhanaian funerals are cheerful social affairs, attracting throngs of mourners wearing colour-coded funeral dress to celebrate the life of the dearly departed.

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The great destiny of Kelvin Okafor, a Precise artist

27-year-old Kelvin Okafor has taken the art world by storm with his precise drawingsKelvin Okafor has had a formidable encounter with success as his life-like lead-pencil and charcoal drawings of famous people take the art world by storm.

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Filming Uncle Paapa, the artist - A Ghanaian Roving Eclectic

When filmmaker Gerald Sagoe and his sister Wilma travelled to Accra, Ghana they were not expecting that a family visit would turn into an impromptu documentary. Through the words of their Uncle Paapa, Gerald and Wilma tell a story of community, art and inspiration.

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Independent hoteliers in Africa insist on going it alone

The Nelson Mandela suite is one of 14 individually decorated themed suites at the Villa Monticello in Accra/Photo©WWW.ALESSANDROCOSTA.COMMany local entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa have avoided the lure of management or franchise deals with international groups and have chosen to remain independent.

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Dak'Art meets the Arab Spring

Africa's premier art biennale kicked off on 11 May in Dakar, bringing together artists inspired by the upsurge in people power sparked by the Arab Spring and other citizen-led protests.

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Dak'Art meets the Arab Spring

Katia Kameli’s video (Untitled) was shot in Algiers during the Arab Spring and questions women’s ability to be heard in the Arab world/Photo/KATIA KAMELIAfrica's premier art biennale brought together artists inspired by the upsurge in people power sparked by the Arab Spring and other

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ANC heads to court to force ban on defaced Zuma painting

The 1.85m-high painting, The Spear, is part of Murray’s “Hail to the Thief exhibition”African National Congress lawyer, Gcina Malindi on Thursday broke down and wept in court, as he argued why an art painting depicting South African President Jacob

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Haute mess vs. hot mess in the world of fashion

Vogue Italia may be establishing itself as a gratuitous voyeuristic publication whose readers can enjoy that which they fear by vicariously living the experience of the other with no physical interaction.

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