Interview: We had to change our approach - Maria Ramos

Photos© Lettie FerreiraMaria Ramos talks to The Africa Report about the reconfiguration of the South African market since the crisis of 2008/2009 and the bank's new plans for Nigeria

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Oil & Gas: Al Amoudi burns his fingers in Morocco

Photos© All rights reserved The country's sole oil refinery stopped operations in August, angering the authorities in Rabat. SAMIR now faces an uphill battle to raise funds and win back customers

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LTE for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Photos© All rights reservedSmile Telecoms is developing a fast mobile broadband network

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Zimbabwe’s debt market to relaunch

Photos© All rights reserved Issuers, investors and regional bourses are excited by the news from Harare

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South Africa: Weak growth, smaller appetites

Photos© Mike Hutchings/ReutersLow credit appetite, inadequate power supplies and tough labour talks are likely to limit banking revenue growth this year. Greater regulation is expected to squeeze margins as lenders adapt business models

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Karim Helal: Cashing in on mega-projects

Photos© All rights reservedKarim Helal, chairman of ADIB Capital, the investment banking arm of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Egypt (#90), argues that the country's well-capitalised and relatively liquid banking system is poised for growth led by retail and consumer banking.

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Banking's uneven development in Cameroon

Photos© All rights reserved Banks are readily lending to government and multinational firms, but neglecting the retail and small-business sectors. Critics say there is much to do to improve governance and pull in the unbanked

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A small-time player joins the big league

Photos© All rights reserved The most recent entrant into Ghana's banking sector, First Capital Plus bank, was first a microfinance outfit and then became a savings and loan company prior to its 2013 receipt of a universal banking licence.

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Ghana waiting for the skies to clear

Photos© All rights reservedThe nimbler banks have braved the country's recent economic trouble but worries about bad loans linger throughout the sector, while assets remain small in proportion to the size of the economy

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Morocco: A battle royale

Photos© illustration by Séverin MilletThree Moroccan banks – one part owned by a royal holding company – have led an expansion charge into sub-Saharan Africa. Now, they have changed tack, seeking slower growth and consolidation

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A record year for African banks

Photos© Siphiwe Sibeko/ReutersFinancial institutions in our rankings reported assets of more than $1.5trn for the first time. But economic headwinds from China and the US signal troubles ahead

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A genealogy of Nigerian banking

Samuel Asabia, Gamaliel Onosode and S. B. Falegan are part of the first generation of Nigeria's bankers. Asabia was the first Nigerian chief executive of First bank of Nigeria, Nigeria's oldest bank.

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How aggressive lending came back to bite South African bank Abil

Photo@ReutersSAconsumersUnemployed South African construction worker Daniel isn't sure how he fell so deeply in debt.

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Angola's financial institutions grow, but profits face pressure

Banco Nacional de Angola has taken measures to reduce dependence on the US dollar. Photo©ISSOUF SANOGO/AFPNew oil legislation will give Angola's currency and banks a boost, but for some, non-performing loans are spreading at an alarming rate.

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Finance: Small companies in Côte d'Ivoire struggle

Most of Côte d’Ivoire’s bigger banks do not support small companies/Photo©Nabil Zorkot for JAMany SMEs lack the financial records to get that vital "yes" from the bank manager. The AfDB, the World Bank and an Ivorian employers' body are helping find solutions.

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Imports over dependency nag Zimbabwe's top banker

Gideon Gono, Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe/Photo©ReutersThe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe says the country's banks are "safe and sound" with total deposits now at $4,5 billion.

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Ghana: Mobile money promotes financial inclusion

The research highlighted a set of steps to reduce barriers to the usage of mobile money in Ghana/Photo©ReutersResearch by a United States university has revealed that mobile money services can promote financial inclusion and savings in rural Ghana.

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South Africa in Africa: Your hinterland is there

Photo©ReutersThe idea of the African continent as South Africa's hinterland was reborn in a new form under the ANC. Reversing apartheid's legacy, the country has strived to be a continental peacekeeper, while its banks, retailers, telecoms, food and mining companies have struck out for expansion in the fast-growing economies of its African neighbours.

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Zimbabwe central bank chief meets 'miracle money' prophets

It is claimed that Gideon Gono (L) may have been warned by President Robert Mugabe’s (R) Zanu PF party not to interfere with the 'miracle money' prophetsZimbabwe's central bank chief on Wednesday met two prophets who claim they are able to produce "miracle money" and stuff it in people's bank accounts and pockets.

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Ethiopia's first women's bank, Enat opens for business

Ethiopia's first women's bank plans to commence operations in the next few months in Addis Ababa.

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