Democratic Republic of Congo: Banking on the little guy

Photos© Baudouin Mouanda for TARPayroll reform for public sector workers has produced an additional 1.2m accounts. Now banks are looking at viable ways to offer their new customers credit

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Nedbank: A South African bank building a continental footprint

Photos© All rights reserved Nedbank (#5) is expected to continue its expansion outside South Africa, both organically and through acquisitions, in the next couple of years. Nedbank also looks to grow its South African business, but may find this a challenge because the country's economic growth rate hovers around 2-3%.

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Egypt: The challenge of the unbanked

altBanks have navigated political turmoil but they have yet to find a way to get large swathes of the population to use their services, even as government initiatives aim to stimulate lending

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Ethopia's splendid Isolation

Photos© Illustration by Séverin Millet for TARIt may be small, constrained by regulations and slow to develop, but by some measures Ethiopia's network of privately run banks is one of the healthiest to be found in Africa

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Nigerian banks restructure loans to reduce domestic debt

Photo@ReutersNairaDollarsNigeria has restructured short-term commercial bank loans to its cash-strapped state governments into longer-term sovereign bonds as Africa's biggest economy seeks to reduce a growing backlog of domestic debt against a background of falling oil revenues.

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Nigeria: Banking in uncertain times

Photo©Gwenn Dubourthoumieu for JANew capital requirements, electricity sector risks and the impacts of naira depreciation are hurdles banks face while adjusting to a new administration in Abuja.

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Energy: Local banks plugged in

Nigerian banks that survived the radical reforms of a decade ago are now reaping the benefits as they finance the country's power revolution.

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Big Four banks make big push in Africa

ABSA is negotiating to take control of the continental operations of its parent company, Barclays/Photo©NADINE HUTTON/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGESSouth Africa's largest banks have decided the time is right to seek profits elsewhere in Africa. Each brings its own strategy and appetite for risk to its continental expansion.

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Mauritius: Local banks count on a regional expansion

The central bank, the Bank of Mauritius, has helped to limit the impact of the credit crunch in the financial sector/Photo©FABIEN DUBESSAY/MAXPPPInternational financial institutions are focused on the offshore market. The two top local banks are turning to the African and Asian markets to improve their bottom lines.

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Ecobank moves to Zimbabwe despite indigenisation laws

ECOBANK's CEO and managing director Thierry Tanoh says the bank is committed to complying with all regulatory requirements in ZimbabweEcobank International says it plans to grow its Zimbabwean portfolio despite mounting pressure by that country's government to force foreign banks to cede more than half of its shareholding to locals under empowerment laws.

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Société Générale launches private bank in Africa

Société Générale's private banking subsidiary has appointed a client director for Africa to lead its strategy aimed at entrepreneurs in Nigeria, South Africa and Algeria.

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Cashless economy still a long way off in Nigeria

Nigeria’s mobile-money schemes are short on buyers and short on sellers/ISSOUF SANOGO/AFPTelecoms companies and banks have rolled out their own mobile-money transfer networks, but mobile subscribers have been slow to take up this service.

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Gono sticks to his guns amid Zimbabwe's bank reform woes

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono/Photo/ReutersZimbabwe's banking sector is once again in the eye of a storm after the central bank increased minimum capital requirements for banks, but this has triggered resistance from the government which feel this move will deal the sector a fatal body blow.

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Boost for Moroccan tech start-ups

Map of MoroccoThe Maroc Numeric Fund has solid backing and a healthy attitude to risk – good news for bright ideas.

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Nigeria: Central Bank defends its autonomy

Map of NigeriaThe Nigerian Central Bank (CBN) has come out to defend its autonomy, warning that government interference could have disastrous consequences for the economy.

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The slow return of credit in Nigeria

Governor Lamido Sanusi will hope that the trickle of lending turns into a flood/Photo/Vincent Fournier for TARReforms of the banking sector have led to fewer, but stronger, banks, but lending is still going to high-level corporate clients rather than the smaller companies that will drive the economy.

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South Africa remittance cost amongst world's highest

the cost of sending remittances from South Africa to Zimbabwe is amongst the highest in the world/Photo/ReutersZimbabwean migrant workers, legal or illegal, have become the invisible workforce in South Africa.

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Somalia: Life without al-Shabab in Mogadishu

Somali team are expected to travel to Uganda to play in a tournament/Photo/ReutersRescued from the hands of Islamist militants, Al-Shabab, Somalia's capital city of Mogadishu has become a vista of life, excitement and civility as the country's blue flag replaces the black banner of the militants.

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Equity fund targets Africa's 'missing middle'

Summit Development Group's Africa Fund will bring skills and investment to banks and financial institutions and offer loans to unbanked customers

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Country Profile 2012: BOTSWANA

Flag BotswanaDefections put the GDP under pressure
President Ian Khama's ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) faces growing challenges to its traditional dominance of Botswana's politics, raising the possibility of a strong opposition showing at the next election due by the end of 2014.

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