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Ugandan president signs anti-gay bill into law

Ugandan President Yoweri MuseveniUgandan President Yoweri Museveni on Monday signed a controversial anti-homosexual bill – that proposes harsh penalties for homosexuals – into law.

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Young Obama's transsexual nanny shares memories

Evie (a.k.a. Turdi), cared for little Barry (Barack Obama) and his sister, Maya, between 1969 and 1971/Photo/Adek BerryEvery minute detail of the life of the President of the United States, Barack Obama

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Surprises in UNESCO's begging bowl

The international organisation is facing a crisis after it saw its budget for the year 2012-2013 reduced by $178.5m.

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A life of songs and drama: Etta James

Etta James' first hit record Wall Flower reached the top of U.S. charts in 1954/Photo/ReutersLegendary singer, Etta James, whose famous song, At Last, was performed by Beyoncé at Barack Obama's swearing in ceremony in 2009, passed away on January

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Barack Obama on Black History Month

 Barack Obama retraced US history as he proclaimed Febuary 2012 African American History month

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US - Africa: Presidential Proclamation -- African Growth and Opportunity Act

Presidential Proclamation -- African Growth and Opportunity Act

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What Will an Obama’s visit mean to Nigeria?

After shunning Africa's most populous nation in his first historic visit to Africa, United States President Barack Obama is, according to reports, planning to visit Nigeria before the end of his first term in office.

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Johnnie Carson, Obama's man in Africa

Veteran diplomat Johnnie Carson doesn’t duck the tough question of ?democracy as the United States' top policy maker on Africa   

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Ghana/US: A stormy relationship comes good

Relations between Accra and Washington have see-sawed between extremes. 


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The Akan shrine near the White House

How some African-Americans in Washington DC look to Ghana for spiritual enlightenment as well as contact with ?the ancestors and the African gods of nature


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Nigeria: Ten years of transition

Nigeria may have managed to break the habit of military rule for a full ten years, but there is discontent with missed opportunities


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