Libya: Oil, integrity and economic revival

Some foreign companies are worrying that their own corrupt links to the Gaddafi clan could be exposed/Photo/ReutersThe new economic managers are investigating the Gaddafi regime's shadowy oil contracts and investment portfolio in a bid to raise standards of accountability

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The Price of Revolution

The brilliant Libyan novelist Hisham Matar explained in the May edition of The Africa Report why the roots of this year's revolution were in a massacre at the Abu Salim prison on 29 June 1996.

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British police abuse: Root cause of riots

London – Nearly six months after the suspicious death of her only son in May 2011 while in British police custody, Jossette Fraser awaits an official response to evidence she's obtained contradicting police claims about her son's death.

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Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt: world’s most optimistic

Nigeria, together with Kenya and Egypt showed enthusiasm towards better days/Photo/ReutersNigerians have shown enthusiasm in the economic prospects of their country, a BBC World Service survey, which measured financial outlook between rich and developing countries, says.

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Uganda MP says anti gay bill must be debated

Map of UgandaUgandan Member of Parliament, David Bahati, widely credited with having drafted the controversial Anti-homosexuality Bill, has said that he will continue pushing for the enactment of the disputed law despite pressure from donor countries.

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Outcry over 1000 Nigerians in UK jails

Map of NigeriaA prominent Nigerian human rights lawyer has challenged a deal that will see over 1000 people from the West African country in British jails being sent back home saying it was illegal.

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Nigeria: e-surveillance bill underway to up security watch


In the wake of heightened insecurity in Nigeria, the federal government has begun deliberating new legislation that will monitor telephone calls.

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New credit strategy targets Air Zimbabwe's informal traders

Air Zimbabwe struggling to get customers after a strike by pilots forced it to suspend flights by two months has now resorted to offering packages that will allow informal traders to fly on credit.

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Zimbabwe: Mugabe rejects EU and UK observers

British and European Union election observers would not be allowed in Zimbabwe for the next elections, President Robert  Mugabe has declared.

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Ethiopian workers contribute US$200 million for dam construction

Ethiopia says it has mobilised about US$ 200 million from private and government employees towards the construction of Africa’s biggest dam over the Nile River.

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UK/Africa: The ties that bind us

Whitehall’s Africa corps is under pressure to meet its aid commitments in the wake of the financial crisis. But with ‘trade’ the new ‘aid’, what is current Africa policy and who really is in charge?

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Zimbabwe: Harare Airport runway to be longest in Africa

Zimbabwe’s Harare International Airport will have the longest runaway in Africa following a major facelift aimed at luring back major airlines, officials have said.

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Ethiopia to host EU business forum

Ethiopia will host its first European Union (EU) business forum in Addis Ababa on 10 June 2011. The meeting aims to enhance trade ties between Ethiopia and European Union (EU) member states.

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Tony Blair on why aid to Africa is necessary but insufficient

From interventions in the aid debate to the work of the African Governance Initiative, ?Britain's former prime minister has not forgotten his commitment to the continent ?and is now focusing on programmes that build capacity

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80 years of World Cup history

King Pele winning his second World Cup in Mexico in 1962. Photo: Astaff/AFPFrom only 13 teams invited in 1930, to 193 countries at the qualifiers in 2002, to its first outing on African soil in 2010, The Africa Report traces the extraordinary history of the World Cup.   

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What will the new UK government mean for Africa?

Lord Mark Malloch-BrownThere will be more continuity than change for Britain’s Africa policy, according to former Africa minister Lord Mark Malloch Brown 


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"I felt that black did not define me, Africa did"

Zina Saro-WiwaFilm-maker and journalist Zina Saro-Wiwa on her activism, her Nigerianness and the future of African cinema 

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Hannibal: The deals that smell too sweet

Plea-bargains do not compensate the victims of corporate crimes 


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1960 - 2060: The nationalists on trial

After the era of independence in the 1960s, the nationalists are now on trial. By 2060, Africa's future will be one of bouncing babies, big cities and resource battles. 


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