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Uganda: 'Climate change to trigger next World War'

Photo©Andre Penner/AP/SIPAUganda's Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries minister has warned that the next World War is likely to be triggered by climate change, as humans had little regard for the environment and this was likely to haunt them in future due to scarcity.

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Post Paris climate talks gather momentum at Women's Forum

France's climate ambassador Laurence Tubiana. Photo©Thibault Camus/AP/SIPA"A little miracle happened in Paris" when countries attending the COP 21, concluded an agreement aimed at limiting climate change to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol, says French ambassador for international climate negotiations Laurence Tubiana.

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Climate Change: African projects win Norwegian CO2 credit tender

The Norwegian government has selected four African projects in its latest tender to buy carbon credits to meet its emission targets, it said, paying several times the current market rate.

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Climate Change: Africa fights for a deal

World leaders listen to an address by Pope Francis on 25 September before adopting the SDGs at the United Nations headquarters, NY. Photo©UN/Cia PakAs African leaders, climate change experts and scholars understand it, the climate change agreement currently being negotiated and expected to be adopted in Paris is an opportunity to emphasise the link between climate and development.

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Should Africa do the economic heavy lifting on climate change?

The Paris talks about a new global climate deal will start up in late November. The 2009 Copenhagen summit yielded little to help Africa adapt to changing weather patterns, so governments may have to look for new strategies.

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Mulching in Morogoro

Photos© Noor KhamisFounded in 2011, Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is an educational and outreach programme based in Morogoro, a town of some 350,000 people at the base of the Uluguru Mountains around 150km west of dar es Salaam.

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World Bank's IFC issues first green bond in South Africa

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a unit of the World Bank, issued on Wednesday its first South African rand-denominated green bond, raising around $71 million for climate-friendly investments in emerging markets.

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Cameroon Country Profile 2015: Promises and Passivity

altWith Boko Haram and the impact of the war in Central African Republic (CAR) proving the largest threats on the domestic front President Paul Biya's government is trying to deliver on its promises as the country moves into 2015 with few Millennium Development Goals achieved.

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SDGs in sync with African priorities

Take your passion and compassion and let's make the global goals a global relaity, says UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki MoonNewly adopted Sustainable Development Goals could transform the African continent. Education, climate change, ending hunger and increasing investments in rural infrastructure are priorities for Africa, as are economic growth, access to energy and water and investments in agriculture

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Climate Change: Oxfam slams fossil fuel subsidies, tells rich nations to help poor

Rich nations should take advantage of low oil prices to cut fossil fuel subsidies and channel some of the savings into climate change support for the world's poorest, the aid agency Oxfam said on Friday.

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Zimbabwe braces for another drought

A Zimbabwean minister has warned that most parts of the country will receive below normal rainfall during the 205/16 season that starts this month.

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Why the fuel subsidies pump should be switched off

Max Bankole Jarrett, Deputy Director of the Africa Progress Panel. Photo©All Rights Reserved Despite the climate challenge, we see that billions of dollars are still spent subsidising fuel consumption within Africa and providing exploration subsidies to international fossil fuel companies.

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African Ocean and Coasts - our heritage, our life, our destiny

Obiageli 'Oby' Ezekwesili is a former Vice President of the World Bank for Africa, a former Nigerian Education Minister and co-founder of Transparency International. Photo©ReutersAfrica has a combined coastline of over 47,000 km, and with that a vast ocean resource and potential new economic frontier. However it is under threat and in decline, writes Obiageli 'Oby' Ezekwesili.

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Kenya: Solar panels in exchange for tree planting

Photo©ReutersIn an effort to reverse tree losses in the Nyeri Forest, an environmental initiative has turned to an unusual barter system, offering chickens, goats or solar panels in exchange for tree planting.

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Malawi: 2015 Maize harvest to be heavily affected by weather

Photo©ReutersMalawi will see a "substantial decrease" in the maize harvest of its staple maize crop in 2015 due to a combination of floods and drought, Agriculture Minister Allan Chiyembekeza said on Wednesday.

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Energy: Green bonds, bubbles and torrents

Photo©ReutersSo what's stopping an economic shift to new energy forms? Quite simply, vested interests, writes Sarah Bracking.

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Climate Change: Re-adapting agriculture

Predictions abound regarding the many ways in which climate change will affect life around the world, and in the grim contest over who will suffer the most, the people of sub-Saharan Africa may come out on top.

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Climate Change: Equity, the sticking point in Lima

Photo©ReutersDecisions in Lima on many of issues will determine whether the new climate agreement in discussion will have the backbone to keep global warming within a manageable range. And with equity seeking its place at the negotiating table, the tone is now set for global action on climate change from 2020.

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Climate Change: China and US link efforts to cut emissions

Photo©ReutersChina and the US on Tuesday jointly sent out a hopeful signal that one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the climate negotiations has potentially evaporated.

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Africa to get climate change bonds

Photos@ReutersdroughtGlobal warming in Africa may soon move bond markets.

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