A mining code you can live by in DRC

Banro, owner of the Twangiza mine, is keen to retain the status quo. Photo©Philip MostertReforms of mining legislation have stalled once again after an angry reaction by companies who say taxes are still too high while commodity prices are low.

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Top 500 Companies: Manufacturing - Kickback from the commodity crunch

Egypt’s Ezz Steel is struggling to compete with cheap imports. Photo©Amr DAlsh/ReutersMany manufacturers are grappling with a downturn in commodity prices and a drop in demand for the products they produce.

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Mining: End of the supercycle

Photo©Charles O’rear/COrbisMany commodity prices have dropped since 2014 and companies are scrambling to deal with the aftermath and plot a path to long-term growth in African mining projects.

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Zimbabwe mines unable to raise wages, hit by power costs

Zimbabwe's mines cannot afford wage rises this year and a fifth of the firms have agreed with workers to cut pay to remain viable, blaming low commodity prices and high electricity costs, results of a survey showed on Thursday.

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Zambia facing toughest economic challenge in a decade - World Bank

Zambia is facing its toughest economic challenge in a decade as weak commodity prices, electricity shortages and slowing growth in China hit growth in Africa's second-largest copper producer, the World Bank said on Wednesday.

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Anglo American to sell more assets and suspend dividends

Anglo American will sell more assets, suspend dividends until the end of 2016 and whittle down its business divisions to three from six in the face of severe commodity price falls, the mining company said on Tuesday.

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Ghana producer inflation drops to 3.7 percent in September

Photo©ReutersGhana's producer price inflation (PPI) fell to 3.7 percent in September from a revised 3.9 percent in August, continuing a downward trend, the statistics office said on Wednesday.

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Zimbabwe's economy to weaken further in 2015 - IMF

In spite of assurances by Zimbabwe's finance minister's assurances that Harare expects to clear its arrears to the IMF in the next year, the Bretton Woods institution says the southern African country's economy is expected to weaken further this year after growing by 3.1 percent in 2014.

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Nigeria likely to lower estimate for 2015 GDP after naira drops

Nigeria expects to lower its forecast for 2015 economic growth again, after cutting its forecast to 5.54 percent in January, after oil prices fell and the currency weakened further last month, the country's statistics bureau said.

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Can Africa ignore the fiscal fight in the US?

ANNABEL BISHOP Chief Economist, Investec/Photo©ALIX CARMICHELEExports and commodity prices on the continent are likely to be hit by the knock-on effect of President Barack Obama's lingering fiscal headache. Interview with Annabel Bishop, chief economist at Investec.

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Ghana Stock Exchange to list NewGold exchange traded funds

Map of GhanaThe Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) was set to list its first commodity backed exchange traded funds (ETF) on Wednesday with support from South Africa's Absa Capital.

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Standard Bank supports Africa commodity and trade deals with $900m

Standard Bank hopes to increase its involvement in the oil and gas sector in East AfricaStandard Bank Group is to provide US$900 million to finance a number of African trade and commodities transactions in key targeted sectors this year, the Bank's global head of Trade and Commodity Finance, Craig Polkinghorne announced in Accra.

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Processing plants reap more for Africa

altSingapore's largest soft commodity and logistics company is targeting its growth projections on wheat, rice and cashew projects throughout West Africa.

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World Bank: Graduate blues for middle-income countries

altGovernment planners need to adjust their strategies as the changing of a country's status at international financial institutions leads to new loan terms.

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Hannibal: Few well-wishers at the wedding

The merger between Glencore and Xstrata makes absolute business sense for their shareholders and directors. If the nuptials go ahead the result will be a $90bn company with some of the deepest pockets in the business.


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Agribusiness: Make our garden grow

photo/ reutersProducers of consumer staples count on the growing middle classes, but worry about rising input prices and the impact of governmental agricultural policies.

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Mining: A bigger share

altHigher commodity prices have propelled mining houses towards the top of the list but also leave governments calling for more direct revenue from operators in the natural resource sector.

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Africa Company Outlook: turbulence

altAfrican companies avoided the worst of the 2008 financial crisis. Now they are preparing to fend off commodity-price fluctuations and the impact of the European debt crisis.

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Angola: More fuel for the engine

After a few setbacks in 2011, oil production will return to full strength next year, as fuel-sector liberalisation boosts petrol availability in the domestic markets.

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Can Africa tame the traders?


The world's biggest commodity conglomerates are stalking Africa – this time as producers as well as traders.

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