Beyond the big guns, small is beautiful - Africa's SMEs

A customer prepares to pay for a small bag of maize meal at a shop in Soweto south west of Johannesburg/Photo©ReutersThe top 500 companies are a fine crop – the biggest firms in Africa, destined for great things.

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Foreign investment raises local fears in Zimbabwe

Donors, who supply 98% of drugs in the public sector, do not prioritise local companies/Photo©ReutersLocal companies are already struggling in the face of the government's preference for cheaper imported drugs, so the arrival of new foreign-backed companies could fundamentally alter the structure of the industry.

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How corporates benefit from Africa's new business deals

There are greater opportunies for Africa to help finance the growth of international firms/Photo©AKINTUNDE AKINLEYE/REUTERSWhen African telecom companies started to emerge in the late 1990s, many scoffed. How could it be, went the general chatter, that Africans have money to spend on telecoms? Several multi-millionaires later, after the historic sale of Mo Ibrahim's Celtel for $3.4bn and the rise of South African giant MTN, investors piled in.

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Africa: Private equity versus Venture capital, and exit strategies

Photo©ReutersMany companies in Africa are receiving cash injections from private equity. However, there are many factors militating against private equity operations.

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Boost for Moroccan tech start-ups

Map of MoroccoThe Maroc Numeric Fund has solid backing and a healthy attitude to risk – good news for bright ideas.

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Nigeria: Growing strong to meet international standards - Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim Chairman of Global Fleet Group/Photo/MARK CHILVERS FOR TARWith a 16-strong group of companies, including interests in insurance, airlines, banking and fuel distribution, Jimoh Ibrahim is now looking at doing business in neighbouring countries, including Ghana and Sao Tomé and Principe. He talked to The Africa Report about expansion, banking reforms 
and take-off for Air Nigeria.

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The slow return of credit in Nigeria

Governor Lamido Sanusi will hope that the trickle of lending turns into a flood/Photo/Vincent Fournier for TARReforms of the banking sector have led to fewer, but stronger, banks, but lending is still going to high-level corporate clients rather than the smaller companies that will drive the economy.

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Telecoms: Ringing up profits

Telecoms operators are slowing their price wars and rolling out new products as the mobile market becomes more saturated.

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Mining: A bigger share

altHigher commodity prices have propelled mining houses towards the top of the list but also leave governments calling for more direct revenue from operators in the natural resource sector.

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Africa Company Outlook: turbulence

altAfrican companies avoided the worst of the 2008 financial crisis. Now they are preparing to fend off commodity-price fluctuations and the impact of the European debt crisis.

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Mining: Prices up, production down

altPrices for many commodities are likely to stay strong, but companies are worried about national policy frameworks and infrastructure constraints South African mining production declined a disastrous 13 per cent year-on-year in 2011...

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South Africa tries to solve its employment dilemma

altSouth Africa's unions, business leaders and politicians need to create partnerships and work together if the country is to catch up with its BRIC peers.

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Country Profile 2012: BOTSWANA

Flag BotswanaDefections put the GDP under pressure
President Ian Khama's ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) faces growing challenges to its traditional dominance of Botswana's politics, raising the possibility of a strong opposition showing at the next election due by the end of 2014.

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Telling companies to mine deeper

Gold mining companies in Ghana have never had it so good, but this mineral wealth has not translated into economic devel/PHOTO 12 / ALAMYopmentCommunities and non-governmental organisations are pressuring mining companies to improve their environmental and social practices while contributing more to state coffers

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Tullow Kosmos: ?Oil companies go local in Ghana

The Irish and US companies plan to list in Accra following important oil and gas finds.

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Each year The Africa Reportchronicles the fortunes of the Top 500 Companies in Africa. Use our interactive ranking to search the 2011 list by country, sector, turnover or profits.


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Each year The Africa Reportchronicles the fortunes of the Top 500 Companies in Africa. Use our interactive ranking to search the 2011 list by country, sector, turnover or profits.


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Nigeria: More go-slows ahead for oil reforms

Nigeria's main oil proudcers, 4th Quarter 2008Reform of the national oil company is being snagged by a combination of political considerations and conspiracies


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Uganda: Looking to the upside

Uganda oilDespite the ongoing discovery of substantial oil reserves, Uganda is still some way from moving into production mode


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Waiting for the Rebound

Oil and gas
African oil producers will have to weather difficult economic times, but they still need to focus on harnessing energy resources for undeveloped domestic markets



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